[Update] New campaign, items from beta, items to classic

Quick update:

We’ve released a new campaign with the Hard difficulty: Looks Can Deceive. The title already suggests the theme😉 As usual, it will be in beta for a week. We have now run out of staff-made campaigns and we will start using the community-suggested campaigns from this section: http://forums.everybodyedits.com/viewforum.php?id=24. As mentioned with the previous update, we’ll start releasing campaigns more frequently.

We’ve also removed Double Jump, Ice, and the Clown smiley from beta, which means they are now available for purchase for everyone!

Furthermore, we have fixed a lot of shop descriptions to make them more consistent and to remove typos.

Lastly, we have moved the following items to Classic:

• Earmuffs smiley
• Hooded smiley
• Winter Hat smiley
• Sunburned smiley
• Summergirl smiley
• Elf smiley
• New Year 2015 decorations

[Patch] 16th of February, 2016 – Post-GM update bug fixes

• The /listportal command is now available to everyone with edit.
• Removed the /kickguests command

• Fixed a bug causing background colour to reset when changing world name. Again. Again.
• Fixed a bug causing free smileys not to save on the hotbar.
• Fixed a bug causing one to be able to see sign text without having edit rights.
• Fixed a bug causing music blocks to decrease jump height when on ice.
• Fixed a bug with crew description editing being disabled when opening from crew profile.
• Fixed black block transparency issues.
• Fixed the orange pinwheel aura to be misaligned.
• Fixed a bug with chat history showing old instead of most recent messages.
• Fixed a bug causing gold smiley setting not to be saved between sessions.
• Fixed a few bug with the environmental pack blocks.

Regarding Jawapa’s demodding

Jawapa has never had a good standing with the majority of the community due to unprofessional behaviour (aka mod abuse), of which I'm very much aware. Similarly, friction between Jawapa and other team members was a common occurrence, but nothing worth booting him for.
Until now.

Jawapa has been caught selling gems on the "black market". By generating gem coupons with huge amounts of gems and selling these gems in smaller portions to people directly, he has been stealing money from the game.

Gems created by one of Jawapa's alt accounts:

A great amount of gems purchased from illegitimate gem codes, more on the other pages.

In an effort to cover his steps, he renamed several accounts, created others, and spread the gems among these accounts, hoping we wouldn't find them. Allegedly, he spread the gems also as a safety precaution in case he got kicked.

Deleting the account:

He even manually renamed accounts to the same name to make them harder to find.
As a result, Jawapa has been removed from staff, has all access disabled, and has been permanently banned from the game, effectively immediately.

Breaking trust hurts, but so does karma.

Minimal Website

We have recently released a minimal Everybody Edits website.  This website has all of the extras removed, and been made as light weight as possible.  Anything that could be removed that would not completely ruin the layout, was.  If you experience a lot of lag while playing Everybody Edits, we suggest you play on the minimal site.  While it will not eliminate all lag, it will help.

You can find it here: http://minimal.everybodyedits.com/

You can also download Everybody Edits:

.exe – http://everybodyedits.com/download/EverybodyEdits.exe

.swf – http://everybodyedits.com/download/EverybodyEdits.swf

[Patch] Small bug fixes, new campaign: Wintery Wonders

Hi guys!

Here's a small patch before we launch Gold Membership (and unlimited stackable items with it).

Go check out the new campaign: Wintery Wonders. It has an exclusive smiley, too! Note: It will be in beta for one week.


Some of these fixes were already live but had not yet been documented.

• Switched the hotkey for the search bar to CTRL+F.

• Fixed a bug causing the Tile faceplate not to show up in the shop.
• Fixed a bug causing the Code faceplate not to show up in the shop.

• Fixed a bug with aura colours not displaying for everyone.
• Fixed a bug disallowing aura change while on /forcefly.

• Fixed a bug with crew status: WIP was Open.
• Fixed room descriptions not functioning.
• Fixed a bug causing the background colour to revert when changing world name.
• Fixed Crypts of Anubis being unbeatable.
• Fixed a bug causing you to be able to double jump on closed switches.
• Fixed a bug with opening chat with T.
• Fixed alignment of crews on the crew profile.