[Update] 17th of April – Spring 2016

Hi guys,
Another small update for you, spring-themed! The contest prizes have also been handed out.

Spring 2016



With the arrival of spring in the northern hemisphere, a new garden themed spring pack is available in the shop. Fresh dirt blocks and leafy hedge blocks are adorned with three morphing flower types in this seasonal pack for a variety of colors.
A bee and butterfly smileys are included in the spring update, and are limited time as well as the spring pack.



• Increased the maximum ID from 99 to 999 for switches, coin doors, death doors, and their respective doors/gates. Credit goes to Koya for creating a new number font.
• Orange switches are now out of beta and available for everyone!
• Polished orange switches’ looks
• Sick smiley is out of beta and available for everyone!
• Increased chances of getting magic coins
• A new, temporary Spring campaign has been added, which will be available until summer 2016
• With spring having arrived, the Wintery Wonders campaign will be back next year

Bug fixes


• Fixed faceplate selector dropdown showing in front of disabled overlay
• Fixed profile color customization
• Fixed a bug where the campaign lock icon stretched depending on world width

Progress with the Unity client has been slow due to lots of irl things for everyone, but the focus is back on.

New moderators

Hey everybody! Today we’d like to introduce two new Moderators to you.

Considering the recent concerns that have been expressed on the forums about the current state of the moderation in the game, we feel it was indeed time to add new moderators to restore the proper ingame atmosphere. Two other moderators departed, and now two new ones are taking their place.
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[Update] 1st of April – Global switches & more

While we continue to develop the Unity version, here's a little something to keep you entertained wink

Global switches

Like keys, these orange switches affect everyone, and like switches, they can be turned on/off with a button! Note: these will be in beta for 2 weeks.


• New command: you can now use /save to instantly save your worlds!
• Gain the new Fanboy III smiley by collecting 100000 blue coins in one world!
• The chat now adds new messages more smoothly.
• Morphable blocks now have shadows.


Bug fixes

• Fixed a bug causing the subscribe button to overlap the subscriber count on crew profiles.
• Fixed a bug where signs would turn into ice blocks when replacing it while standing on it.
• Fixed a bug causing background colour to reset when changing world name. Again. Again. Again. Like, for realsies.