[Important notification] Account transfers are now possible!

Account transfer is now possible!

Do you have an account on Kongregate, Facebook, or ArmorGames, but you want to play on the main website instead? You’re in luck, because we now offer account transfers.


How does this work?

Please, read this very carefully because any changes we make are permanent!
There are a few conditions:
1: Accounts can only be transferred FROM Kongregate, Facebook, or ArmorGames, TO the main website. Not the other way around!
2: Accounts cannot be merged. Accounts are swapped, so items from account A will go to B, and B will go to A.
3: Account transfers are permanent, so they cannot be reversed!

If you still wish to transfer your account, send an email to nou@everybodyedits.com or processor@everybodyedits.com, or send us a PM on the forum. You will then receive additional instructions on how to continue.

August Update


Hey everybody!

It's time for a new update! Let's see what we have here. Seems interesting!

• Magic in chat will now display if the user has received a full energy bar.
• Added captcha for account registration. Email confirmation has been disabled.
• Added new Spiral aura shape.
• Added Indigo and Lime aura colors.
• Added Sleepy smiley. Made my SmittyW!
• Added Aviator smiley. Made by Kentiya!


We are full steam ahead on the Unity porting, progress is being made. Still, no specific dates available until release.

See you in the worlds!
The Everybody Edits Team