Say Hi to Peter!

Yep the rumors are true, I finally came to my senses and hired a guy to help me develop on Everybody Edits. The new guy’s EE name shall remain secret for now, but he is known as Peter in real life and have already started development on the project.

To get Peter started and learning the code, his very first task where simply “Change anything you dislike about the game”. Thus today I am proud to announce a new and more simplified lobby for us all to enjoy.

Lobby before Peter

Lobby before Peter

Lobby after Peter

Lobby after Peter

The new lobby is much simpler as it only has 3 tabs, and even better he took the time to also ensure that the visual style fit the rest of the game!

Peter also added three new smilies to the game to give you all beta members new stuff to play with!

New smileys

New smileys

Peters full changelog for this release:

  • Share level: Text changed to “Direct LINK to this level” instead of URL
  • Changed font’s to match the rest of EE in the share link / lobby login box
  • Roomfilter: UI Changes, reduced to 3 tabs
  • ADDED smileyangel, smileynurse, smileytemplar
  • News box UI revamp
  • Moved “show/hide” and “view profile” down besides “logout”

Also in this version

Peters next task will be to help create a dedicated “new user” process for Everybody Edits. The game as is, is very confusing for new users and the goal is simply to fix this.

Also in this version

Diamonds and Portals are now out of beta!

First every Everybody Edits newsletter

Today, I am happy to announce that we send out the very first ever Everybody Edits newsletter!

In the newsletter where a special offer to get the Everybody Edits postman smiley and a lot of great stats about the game!

The postman smiley

Thus congrats to everyone who is currently on their way to having the postman smiley!

(to sign up for the newsletter, goto the main everybody edits site. The form is below the game to the left.)

Introducing Everybody Edits profiles

Time to add some new features for everybody. The first of these are Everybody Edits profiles. Basically just a small site that shows what you smilies, items and worlds you have.

Here is mine:

At the same time I also added a system that shows the world names, who created it and plays inside each world. You can even click the creators name right there to see his or her other levels!

Guests are back + bug fixes!

Todays update include:

  • Fixed bug where some users who bought chat without buying beta could not chat.
  • Everyone can now send commands to the server by hitting enter and typing /[command]
  • Moved most chat notifications such as access denied etc to modal dialogues to allow none chatting member to see them.
  • Guests are back! (New and improved)

Like Tower Defense games? Then you will love One Man Army!

So! As you guys must have realized by know, I have a lot of friends who makes games. Yet one of these friends, just released a new game into beta called One Man Army.

You would do both me and Robert, who made the game a big favor, if you would go play the game and report any bugs / issues you find in his forum

Below some screenshots to get you all excited about this game😉

OMG Zombies!

You must admit that looks fun!

What are you waiting for go play it now!

Click here to play the game already!