Less bugs.

Time to get back to work on EE as well as the blog! It would seem that this blog has been neglected for the past two months due to lack of updates. Sorry!

Bug fix rollcall:

  • Fixed bug where larger rooms would not load.
  • Fixed bug where you would be able to jump on a row of dots or arrows.
  • Fixed bug where guests would not be sent directly into a room when linked.
  • Fixed bug where your momentum would be reset when teleporting at high speeds.
  • Fixed bug where you could make the game break by moving too fast with the help of portals.
  • Optimized server performance.
More shop goodies are also underway, keep checking back for more news.
Hope you had a great summer!


We just pushed a slightly updated version of the game. Here is the change-log

– BUG: Fixed the secret bricks (removed shadow, now invisible on minimap, backgrounds are now visible)
– BUG: A known secret is now reset once you place another brick on that tile.
– BUG: Portal no longer breaks when setting background behind them
– BUG: Revealed Secret bricks no longer hides when putting a background behind them
– BUG: You can now again easily move into a single brick wide hole above you.
– BUG: Level plays are now reported correctly when initially joining a world.

– FEATURE: Secret bricks are now shown as other users see them, until you discover them by running into them. When in god mode, all secret bricks are revealed.

– TWEAK: The old hardcoded legacy colors are now used on the minimap again. Only new bricks have their color auto generated.
– TWEAK: The new basic physcis has been tweaked to be more alike the old.
– TWEAK: The gravity dot is now slightly smaller visually.
– TWEAK: Everybody knows that Peter has the username sbeam, thus he will now be marked with orange in the user list.
– TWEAK: The minimap now renders above the more brick popup.
– TWEAK: Grid align is now 3x slower and you have to be closer to the grid for it to kick in!
– TWEAK: The game now has a new home screen

Injecting new life in to Everybody Edits!

A brand new update was released today! The biggest and most anticipated feature included is…

The background layer.

Fancy new look, eh?

This is sure to make your level look far more vivid and colorful than ever before, so go wild! Included in this is the Basic and standard Brick packs which is free for all members!

To make it even more fun we added a few new packages to the shop. Checkers are beta only for now!

Only 1$ each!

Physics 3.0

As part of this release, the basic game physics have been rewritten yet again. The primary goal was to make it faster as it up until this point has been the most resource intensive part of the game.  The secondary goal where to ensure that we could add cool new features such as ice and sticky surfaces in the future.

A few new additions where also added to the layer.

  • The smily will now auto align to the game grid if close to the grid and standing still, making it easy to jump up trough 1 block holes. Something that was almost impossible to do before.
  • The smiley will no longer overlap the map by one pixel.
The only downside to the new physics engine is, that even though we have done everything in our power to make the game feel the same, some puzzles will break as they rely on edge cases in the physics engine.

Minor Changes

This is of course not the only treat we have for you this day. A list of new features and fixes are:

  • Enormous amounts of bug fixes
  • New minimap renderer (Sand block from the summer pack now renders an orange color in the minimap)
  • Most decorations now render on top of the smiley instead of behind

    Who's hiding there?

  • The foreground layer now has a drop shadow!

    Enjoy the shade!

  • A bunch of polished smilies! (Angel, Big Spender, Bully, Commande, Ninja, Terminator, Nurse)
  • Some basic bricks have been polished.
  • Arrows & Coins now have a black outline.
Here’s to hoping you will all stick around in Everybody Edits for the rest of the summer. Cheers!

It sure is hot here… – Summer pack 2011 released!

Greetings, fellow EE players! I hope you’re enjoying the summer as much as we do, and to celebrate everyone’s favorite season of the year, we’ve released the Summer Package 2011!

Another brand new thing we’ve added for the newcomers is a tutorial level that you automatically start out in as a guest that teaches you the basics of movement and editing. Even if you’re a EE veteran, it’s worth checking out!

The third feature added to the game is a very hotly requested on by the userbase called the “Classic tab” that can be found in the Energy shop. This tab will contain previously time-limited items that can be purchased for a certain amount of gems. If you missed out on these great items, don’t hesitate to get them!

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

One of the great things about Peter now being on the Everybody Edits team, is that we have time to look at some of the long running issues that have been hunting the game. Thus, Peter and myself have been taking a good long look at the internals of the game and fixed up a lot of the issues the game had. Below is a list of some of the major changes.

  • Entering a saved world is now twice as fast
  • Big worlds should now have a much lower chance of breaking
  • Fixed bug where users could not login if they logged out
  • The shop should now be more stable.
In total more than 20 bugs have been fixed! Now time to get back to features!

Say Hi to Peter!

Yep the rumors are true, I finally came to my senses and hired a guy to help me develop on Everybody Edits. The new guy’s EE name shall remain secret for now, but he is known as Peter in real life and have already started development on the project.

To get Peter started and learning the code, his very first task where simply “Change anything you dislike about the game”. Thus today I am proud to announce a new and more simplified lobby for us all to enjoy.

Lobby before Peter

Lobby before Peter

Lobby after Peter

Lobby after Peter

The new lobby is much simpler as it only has 3 tabs, and even better he took the time to also ensure that the visual style fit the rest of the game!

Peter also added three new smilies to the game to give you all beta members new stuff to play with!

New smileys

New smileys

Peters full changelog for this release:

  • Share level: Text changed to “Direct LINK to this level” instead of URL
  • Changed font’s to match the rest of EE in the share link / lobby login box
  • Roomfilter: UI Changes, reduced to 3 tabs
  • ADDED smileyangel, smileynurse, smileytemplar
  • News box UI revamp
  • Moved “show/hide” and “view profile” down besides “logout”

Also in this version

Peters next task will be to help create a dedicated “new user” process for Everybody Edits. The game as is, is very confusing for new users and the goal is simply to fix this.

Also in this version

Diamonds and Portals are now out of beta!