The Mineral Pack has been released!

We have just released one of the somewhat well-known “artist packs” that I made a while ago to give artists some brand new minimap colors to play with. Say hello to the Mineral Pack, a set of colorful rocks that is filled with pure minimap colors and potential for some really fun and colorful levels.

Tetris? Never heard of it.

This colorful pack is available in the energy shop for only 250 energy, so what are you waiting for? Get it now!

(We also added a brand new magic item. Let’s see who can find it first..?)

Performance Optimization

Over the last few days I have been cleaning up the Everbody Edits base code in preparation for a whole bunch of new features I wish to add to the game.

While in there I used about a days work optimizing the performance of the game. Today I am happy to announce that I just did a push of the Everybody Edits client which renders 40% faster than the previous version.

This should make the game feel quite a lot smoother and make your laptop less like a toaster oven.

Everybody Edits Halloween 2011 Contest!

It's time for a new competition!

As most of might have heard already at this point, it’s time for another contest to begin! Who can reap the grand prizes and become the ultimate Halloween champion of 2011? Signing up will be done in a separate topic that can be found right here. Sign up your teams before 24 October!

And now for the rules…


1st place ( 1 – 4 ): Pumpkin smilies (lit, unlit), Golden trophy

2nd place ( 5 – 8 ): Pumpkin smilies (lit, unlit)

3rd place ( 9 – 12 ): Pumpkin smiley (unlit)

Finalists: Honorable mentions and links from the blog.


17- 24 October: Enter your teams! (Signing your team MUST be in the forum topic)

24 – 31 October: Create your levels!

1 – 14 November: Judging begins! (NOTE: This is only a window, not a definitive date for when judging ends. We expect it to be done sooner.)


– You MUST sign up your team before 24 October, or else you will not qualify for the contest.

– Only 5 creators per team at most. You are however free to be only one creator, if you wish to do so.

– Being in more than 1 team simultaneously is NOT allowed.

– Signing up will be done in the official forums. Click here to go directly to the topic.


– The completed map MUST be Halloween-themed or else it will be disqualified.

– Animated/autobuilded/imported levels will instantly be disqualified.

– Make sure that you’re making the level on a world that can be accessed by non-betas as well.

– Minimum world size must be 200 x 200 (Edit: 400 x 50 wide worlds are now okay since they still have quite a lot of space to work with)

– If any of the following items are included in your map, it will be disqualified to ensure that all entries are of high quality:

  • Smilies
  • Sprite art from other games
  • Imported/animated art
  • Bosses
  • Stairs

– Levels will be assessed and judged based on these specific aspects:

  • Quality of artwork and visuals
  • Quality of minigames
  • Challenge
  • Fun factor
  • Originality


– Art and minigames should blend in seamlessly with each other. What this means is that we’d for example prefer not to see a bunch of completely black Minigame boxes surrounding a piece of beautiful art. Make them blend together!

NOTE: Do not sign your team up in the comments of this blog post. An official team roster topic can be found here. Thank you.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to post them in this blog post.

Everybody Edits on Facebook

After having done the Halloween update and the previous weeks bug fixes I finally got around to updating our Facebook Appliaction.

The application now uses the much better full width canvas page system, allowing ample room for user list / chat.

Everybody Edits on Facebook

New and improved Everybody Edits Facebook appliaction.

At the same time I managed to get around to updating the game with Facebook Credits, such that players who are playing the game on Facebook can actually get gems.

Facebook credits integration

EE on Facebook, now with Facebook Credits!

Enjoy Everybody Edits, Facebook players of the world!


Listening to the community: Energy cuts abound!

As much as we’ve heard you love the new halloween stuff that we’ve released, we’ve also heard that many of you are worried that you won’t get them in time with only your energy. Fear not, for we have sliced the energy a whopping 37% from the original energy so that no one needs to worry about buying them in time anymore.

Here is the list of discounts:

  • Frankenstein: 500 > 500 0% energy discount
  • Vampire: 1500 > 1000 25% energy discount
  • Ghost: 3000 > 1500 50% energy discount
  • Halloween bricks: 3750 > 2500 33.3% energy discount

Happy Halloween!

OOoooOOoo… It’s Halloween in Everybody Edits!

After a number of updates adding nothing but bug fixes, it’s time to give something new to the players to celebrate Halloween 2011. Just make sure you don’t get scared. 😉

Brand new smilies include Frankensteins monster, Dracula and a mischievous looking ghost! Surrounding them is the brand new Halloween 2011 package that includes some gothic bricks (Both foreground and background), spider webs, a gravestone and a blood stained grey brick. We hope that you will make some excellent looking levels with this update that’s sure to scary even the toughest smiley!

This is just the first of several Halloween updates this year, so stay tuned for even more updates over the next few weeks!

Happy halloween, everyone!

Less bugs.

Time to get back to work on EE as well as the blog! It would seem that this blog has been neglected for the past two months due to lack of updates. Sorry!

Bug fix rollcall:

  • Fixed bug where larger rooms would not load.
  • Fixed bug where you would be able to jump on a row of dots or arrows.
  • Fixed bug where guests would not be sent directly into a room when linked.
  • Fixed bug where your momentum would be reset when teleporting at high speeds.
  • Fixed bug where you could make the game break by moving too fast with the help of portals.
  • Optimized server performance.
More shop goodies are also underway, keep checking back for more news.
Hope you had a great summer!