Like Tower Defense games? Then you will love One Man Army!

So! As you guys must have realized by know, I have a lot of friends who makes games. Yet one of these friends, just released a new game into beta called One Man Army.

You would do both me and Robert, who made the game a big favor, if you would go play the game and report any bugs / issues you find in his forum

Below some screenshots to get you all excited about this game😉

OMG Zombies!

You must admit that looks fun!

What are you waiting for go play it now!

Click here to play the game already!

Minor physics fix.

While implementing portals I fixed a few inconsistencies in the underlying physics layer. Unfortunately this resulted in unwanted behavior for a few puzzles. This issue should now be fixed!

Thanks to everyone who reported this issue!

Where did the ultimate fan smiley go?

As some of you have noticed, the ultimate fan smiley is no longer in the shop. The simple reason for this is that we are currently in the middle of moving the entire company into new offices. Thus we are not 100% sure yet where new postcards should be send to!

This also explains the lag of updates that ended today!


Yep, it’s true, Everybody Edits have finally been updated! I just pushed portals and diamonds into the energy shop for beta members!

This is just the first of many small updates to come over the next few weeks. Thus stay tuned for updates!

And congratulations to the easter competition winners which can now use their awards!