Relativity Campaign & Look Who’s Back!

Laika Fishbowl News

Woof, woof! Let’s all welcome Laika back to Everybody Edits! In addition, we have also added the Fishbowl Helmet smiley back, and both can be bought in the store for 1250 Energy! This will only be for 1 month though, so make sure you get them while you can! Following this, they will permanently be available in the Classic Store for 25 Gems.

We’d also like to present the brand new Relativity Campaign! Thank you to Sensei1, Hans22 & Igipigi, Kaleb & Jambam123, SmittyW & 21Twelve, and Luka504 for their wonderful level contributions! We hope you enjoy it!

In other news, we have been working on tweaking the User Interface slightly, so we hope this increases your enjoyment of the game as a whole!

See you in game!

~ The Everybody Edits Staff ~

The EE Official Design Contest!


Welcome to the first Everybody Edits Official Design Contest! This is the opportunity for everybody to have their own graphics used within the game!

Contest Summary

Here’s how this is going to work:

  • The winning teams will receive the prizes above, as well as the opportunity to permanently have their graphics officially added into the game!
  • You will be given a period of time to assemble or join an existing team, which can consist of as many as five members total.
  • The teams will be placed into their own respective crews, pre-prepared for the contest, following the registration deadline.
  • The crews will each be issued a single special 300×300 world at the beginning of the building stage, in which to build their world.
  • The crews will have 21 empty slots (7 foregrounds, 7 backgrounds, 7 decorations) which can have their graphics chosen by you!
  • The crews will be able to freely experiment with the slots any number of times, with their changes immediately reflected in the world.
  • The crews will be given the option, once approved by a moderator, to publicise their world in the lobby for all to experience during the judging phase.

You have until Sunday 1st October at 11:59pm UTC to sign up in your teams!

You can read more and sign up on the Everybody Edits Fan Forums. Good luck!

~ Everybody Edits Staff ~

Journey Campaign, Pack Expansions, and New Smileys!

August 2017 News Box

The long-awaited August 2017 update has finally arrived! We hope you’ll enjoy all the new goodies we’ve got lined up for you! Lion Smiley

First up, we have the brand new Journey Campaign, which is Easy in difficulty, and will reward you with the unique Thor smiley! As the creator of this campaign, I (Mega Thor Smiley Lamb) wanted to make sure that, due to the title, the whole thing would feel like a proper journey to reach new realms! You’ll see what I mean when you play it –

Next, we have three more new smileys! Two animal additions can be bought in the shop, and the new Cowgirl Smiley is free to everyone! Cowgirl Smiley
Special thanks to Cola1 for providing us with the new Raccoon smiley! Raccoon Smiley

Speaking of Cola1, we’d like to officially welcome him to the team as a new graphic designer, and we look forward to working with him to bring you even more epic stuff in future! As you may know, he’s also the artist behind the beloved Fox Smiley, and has now produced this new Cloud Pack Expansion:
Storm Clouds

In addition to this expansion, we felt other packs needed expanding too. We’ve taken feedback from the community, and made additions to the following packs:

– Industrial Pack – Added 1 Ladder, 2 Static Blocks, 2 Morphable Blocks, & 1 Morphable Decoration:
Industrial Pack

– Domestic Pack – Fixed current Pipe Decos to connect properly – Added LOTS more morphable pipes – Also added morphable picture frames:
Domestic Pack

– Construction Pack – Added extra Red Beam orientations, and 2 new decorations:

– Wild West Pack – Added 2 Pole Decorations:
Wild West

-Farm Pack – Added 1 Fence Decoration:
Farm Pack

We hope you enjoy this expansion to the game, along with several general bug fixes as well. We’ve also made improvements to the way the chat works in-game, and you can now use %Username% on your signs to capitalize the first letter of people’s usernames!

Thank you for your continued support in the community, and have fun!

~ The Everybody Edits Staff ~

P.S. If you have Beta, you now get access to the Beta Backgrounds!
Beta Backgrounds

My Resignation

As of today, I (TOOP) will no longer be a part of the Everybody Edits staff. This resignation serves as not only the termination my staff position, but also my retirement from participating within the game as a community member. I will not go into detail about the reasons behind my departure, as my loyalty to the game remains a priority.
I look back upon the past 6 years, from building and playing worlds to being the lead designer, with fondness. It’s something I will always cherish. Thanks for the great times, everybody.

Update May 2017

A new update with a lot of cool new stuff, changes and a few bug-fixes has arrived to Everybody Edits. Check it out! 🙂

+ Something got added
– Something got removed
% Something got changed


+Angry Smiley
When you can no longer suppress your rage…

+Smirk Smiley
A slight turn of the mouth for the smug.

+Sweat Smiley
Simply exhausted.

+Guitar Pack
    • Country Singer Smiley
    • Guitar Notes
Hear the strum of a tuned guitar while passing through the notes. Includes a country singer smiley!

+Gravity Effect
A world upside down! This effect switches the direction of world gravity for anyone who touches it.

+Godmode Block
Use this tool to give god mode abilities to players in your worlds!

+Half Blocks
Blocks with that take up half of a tile. Comes in ten bold colors!

+Down Gravity Arrow
Pushes you down

+Big World
A 150×150 world

%Multi-Jump Effect
Now allows you to put any jump amount up to 999 (use -1 for unlimited)


+Volume Slider
You can now set the velocity of sounds

+Account Link
You can now link your kong/fb/armor account with your Everybody Edits account.

%Progress Backup
Changed Save Time to 24 hours instead of 15 minutes.

%Chat Spam
When you say something more than x times it mutes you for 10 seconds instead of 60.

%Share Button
Normal Click – Shows a pop up with the url
Ctrl Click – Copies the URL to clipboard
Shift Click – Copies the ID to clipboard

%Block Picker
You can now also use your Scroll Wheel Click to pick blocks into your level brick bar

%Inspect Tool
Removed detailed information if you don’t have edit

%Friend Limit Increasement
Normal players can now have 70 friends where as Beta/Gold Members can have 130

%Chat History Scroll
You can now scroll through your chat messages with up/down key up to 9 messages back!

-Piano Disappearance Bug


+History Tab
You’ll now see a new tab in the lobby, this shows you your last joined worlds

%Changed Team & Effect Graphics
%New Minimap Icon

%Adventure Badge
Renamed “adv” to “avd” so ad blockers no longer blocks the image


/teleport <args>
username: Teleports the player to you
username x y: Teleports the player to X and Y which can now have decimals.
username username: Teleport player a to player b

/mute <arg>
username: Mutes the player
*: Mutes everyone

/unmute <arg>
username: Unmutes the player
*: Unmutes everyone

/hide <arg>
players: Makes all the other players invisible
secrets: Puts all secrets back to hidden (only works if you have edit)

/show <arg>
players: Makes all the other players visible
secrets: Marks all secrets as visible (only works if you have edit)

/respawn <arg>
username: respawns the user
(nothing): respawns you

/visible <arg>
friends: Marks the world as Friends Only (only friends can join)
all,true,anyone: Marks the world as visible
false,*: Marks the world as invisible

Everybody Edits Announcement

Hey everyone!

We’ve been patiently waiting to make this announcement, and we’d like to let everyone know that the acquirement process has completed!
(A quick heads-up for those currently unaware: Everybody Edits was re-acquired by me as of April this year. Thank you, Nou!)

We are very excited to begin progress once again. In doing so, we fully intend to maintain transparency during the development process, with feedback guiding us along the way.

We are definitely looking forward to sharing our detailed plans in the upcoming weeks.
As with the changes in the near future, we would like to announce our newest additions to the team. I’d like to welcome Koya, MegaLamb and Phinarose!

Koya will be working alongside Toop, helping to develop and improve upon the designs and layouts, old and new within Everybody Edits.

Phinarose will be helping with moderation in place of Kira, as she is well respected and known in the community, and is capable of interacting with players in a friendly and respectful manner whilst also effectively dealing with in-game conflicts.

MegaLamb will be helping with moderation as well, with the patience and vigilance necessary to deal with the influx of reports, of which he meticulously described in his recent topic concerning the report system.

Thank you to everyone for being so patient. We’d love to hear your questions and comments, as well as address anything we may have missed here.

Feel free to reply below, and we’ll edit this post to reflect our replies!

The Everybody Edits Staff.

Pinch! It’s St.Patrick’s Day in EE!

A tiny holiday update has been made to celebrate the charming green holiday. The token of the season, the mischievous leprechaun, is finally here in smiley form!


This mythical Irish being comes with a small decorative pack, complete with the iconic shamrock, pot-of-gold, rainbows, and of course the horseshoe!

These items are limited time, after one month they will no longer be available in the energy shop.

Other fixes and features have been kindly added as a part of this update too:

– Fixed some RoomData issues.
– Fixed Q+E shortcuts for Multijump.
– Fixed owners getting locked out of crew worlds.

– Added a /forgive command so if someone mistakenly kicked a person they can instantly rejoin.
– Air block can now be placed on world border.
– Removed message limit for world owners (useful for bots, I guess).
– Crew members can now kick other players.