[Update] – 30 September – Sweet stuff, info on Unity client progress

Some new items for builders in everybody edits! Enjoy.



Mine Pack

Explore underground! Cavernous rocks, pretty crystals that morph into 6 distinct colors, and an animated torch decoration!

Textile Backgrounds

Soft fabric texture in 5 colorful patterns!


Restaurant Decoration

Serve guests in your worlds an assortment of food and drinks! Includes three morphable dishes.


It has been a while since our last update. In the previous update notes I stated there would be no updates until the Unity client was done. Obviously, it isn’t, but we do have to keep moving on. I made a post about its status a while ago. It was meant to go on the blog but it was down at that time so I posted it on the forum.I’ll copy/paste what I had originally written there:

I’ll keep it short:
– We have a mostly functioning client.
– It runs really smoothly, at high resolutions too.
– The design is under contruction (menus n such).

– The unity version has major server issues. This is a bug on PlayerIO’s side. We’ve sent them our code so they can fix it on their end. However, it has been weeks since I’ve had any reply and my subsequent emails have been ignored. I have no idea why or what’s going on, especially considering how amazingly nice and generous they’ve been so far. This lag is a huge issue because, compared to the flash version, there’s almost 30 seconds lag when a world has some people in it and stuff is being edited (aka unplayable). This needs to be fixed or the entire client is just useless. If you want to have a look and help out, please do! Forum topic here.

– As soon as Kaslai joined the team, some stuff happened that had priority over EE. Reportedly, should be done in October so he’ll have time for EE then.
– Progress has been virtually halted because we’re waiting for the bug to be fixed, plus Thanel has been doing the vast majority of the porting work and he is losing motivation over working alone most of the time.

The plans:
– Hopefully get PlayerIO to get their stuff together and fix the lag.
– After the design phase is done, release the client to beta members.
– Heavy debugging and optimizing, collecting feedback.

After that, we’ll have to see how everything goes. It’s all hard to say because we’re relying on an external factor (PlayerIO people).

Once there’s an update on the matter I’ll make another post about it!

[Important notification] Account transfers are now possible!

Account transfer is now possible!

Do you have an account on Kongregate, Facebook, or ArmorGames, but you want to play on the main website instead? You’re in luck, because we now offer account transfers.


How does this work?

Please, read this very carefully because any changes we make are permanent!
There are a few conditions:
1: Accounts can only be transferred FROM Kongregate, Facebook, or ArmorGames, TO the main website. Not the other way around!
2: Accounts cannot be merged. Accounts are swapped, so items from account A will go to B, and B will go to A.
3: Account transfers are permanent, so they cannot be reversed!

If you still wish to transfer your account, send an email to nou@everybodyedits.com or processor@everybodyedits.com, or send us a PM on the forum. You will then receive additional instructions on how to continue.

August Update


Hey everybody!

It's time for a new update! Let's see what we have here. Seems interesting!

• Magic in chat will now display if the user has received a full energy bar.
• Added captcha for account registration. Email confirmation has been disabled.
• Added new Spiral aura shape.
• Added Indigo and Lime aura colors.
• Added Sleepy smiley. Made my SmittyW!
• Added Aviator smiley. Made by Kentiya!


We are full steam ahead on the Unity porting, progress is being made. Still, no specific dates available until release.

See you in the worlds!
The Everybody Edits Team