Patch – Bug fixes

– Fixed a bug with double jump in campaign restore
– Fixed a bug causing the horizontal vine to be unplaceable
– Fixed a bug where the Spy smiley was visible on the minimap
– Fixed a bug where crowndoors wouldn’t reset using reset block
– Fixed a bug where Like/Favorite buttons would be invisible when minimap was disabled
– Fixed a bug with the Action Menu offset
– Fixed player list overlapping chat
– Added smiley searching by ID
– Smiley IDs now appear when hovering over smileys in the smiley menu
– Removed deprecated /setpos command

The campaign restore may only work after the map has been reset after the update.

Update – 3 November – New items/price cuts/Black Friday announcement

Small November Update!

Halloween is over, which means it’s nearly time to put the holiday into the classic shop. Make sure to get them while you still have the chance!
Meanwhile, three brand new smileys are now available:
A heroic firefighter, a charming fairy, and a stealthy spy have arrived in the shop! The spy also goes undetected on the minimap like the ninja and robber smileys.
For the builders, it’s finally time to put the crown to use! Build challenges and reward players for collecting the crown. Only one person can open the doors at a time!
Furthermore, a new, free construction pack, complete with concrete, plywood, gravel, and sturdy beams! Perfect for jumping right into the building experience.eYSeypC.png
And to finish off the new items is the highly anticipated black aura color! Use this to make your god mode dark and cool.


– Getting kicked for cheating in campaigns now clears world progress restoring.
– Add new command: /resetswitches
This resets all orange switches.
– Added new command: /name X
This sets the name of the world. Case sensitive.
– Added new command: /geffect

Thanks to Jesse for the /geffect and /reffect command!

Explanation of usage

/geffect #playername# #effectname#  #optionalargument#
Playername = username of player
Effectname = name of the effect (fly/jump/doublejump/speed/curse/protection/zombie)
Optionalargument = effects that have a duration or other number, like zombie or doublejump
For example: use /geffect nou doublejump 0      to set my jumps to 0
/geffect nou zombie 60     to give me 60 seconds of zombie

– Added new command: /reffect username
Removes any effect from the specified user
– Increase curse and zombie effects’ maximum allowed duration to 999
– Added an 8 second cool down to *WORLD message upon touching the trophy block
– Players going out of bounds now get kicked
– Taking a screenshot using Shift + B now gives a confirmation prompt
– The Restaurant Pack is now out of beta, available to everyone!
– We have greatly reduced the prices of a list of items, as well as made a list of them free!
Permanent price cuts


All aura colors: 200 energy / 4 gems each (except Black, because it’s new)
Spiral – 2500 energy / 50 gems
Pinwheel – 1250 energy / 25 gems
Torus – 750 energy / 15 gems


– Medium – 250 energy / 5 gems
– Large – 500 energy / 10 gems
– Wide – 1000 energy / 20 gems
– Ultra wide – 1500 energy / 30 gems
– Massive – 2000 energy / 40 gems
– Tall – 2000 energy /40 gems
– Great – 4000 energy / 80 gems
– Vertical great – 4000 energy / 80 gems
– Huge – 4000 energy / 80 gems

Items now permanently free


– Worker
– Terminator
– Girl
– Viking
– Police
– Sick
– Sigh
– Robot
– Unsure
– Angel
– Coy
– Guard
– Chef
– Cat
– Dog
– Daredevil
– Peasant
– Cowboy
– Propeller hat
– Princess
– Pirate
– Clown
– Karate
– Robber
– Blacksmith


– Factory
– Environment
– Dark Backgrounds
– Arctic
– Desert
– Clay
– Water
– Secret Blocks
– Cloud
– Glass
– Pastel
– Checkpoint
– Outer Space
– Jungle
– Pipes
– Coindoors
– Blue Coindoors
– Reset
– Trophy

Black Friday announcement

Black Friday this year falls on the 25th of November. For EE too! Stock up on gems, because all items* will be 50% for the duration of 29 hours, between November 25th 9AM UTC to November 26th 2PM UTC (click here for a conversion to your local time)
*With the exception of:
– Big Spender smiley
– Diamond block

[Update Clarification] Background Color Fixes

You may have noticed that in the previous update some background colors changed. This wasn’t mentioned in the update logs so a new topic has been provided for people who were unaware of this change.

The aforementioned changes mainly effect the white basic color extensions due to the inconsistency of their minimap colors.


Read all about it here:

[Update] – 11th of October – Halloween 2016

Lost in the forest: It’s Halloween in Everybody Edits!


All Hallows Eve draws near, and scary limited-time items have arrived to Everybody Edits!


Brand new smileys include the ferocious werewolf and eerie swamp creature! Surrounding them is an ominous grove with twisted dark trees, jack-o-lanterns, strange purple grass, and sinister eyes that watch from the shadows.

Note: These items will be available with energy until November.


The halloween campaign has returned again! Once again you can attempt this scary-hard campaign in pursuit of the elusive eyeball smiley and the exclusive campaign badge!

[News] 3rd of October – New moderators, Unity news, Summer campaign

Hi guys!
A nugget of news here. All of them good smile


Firstly, to strengthen the moderation team, we’ve added two new members! They have been given the specific assignment to show a strong in-game presence. This should mean less reporting is needed and more immediate actions are taken. Of course, they will also be dealing with any reports sent in, so keep them coming!
Koya was chosen based on their active participation in the game as well as on the forums, excellent standing with the community, web-design skills, as well as theirlocation. Location is relevant in this case to cover more timezones.

Koya wrote:

Haii, I am Koya (previously known as BBMP & SQUADFS); I am 19, living in England and have been playing this game for almost 6 years after someone at school showed me it – at the time I didn’t realise how important this game would become to me.
Outside of EE my interests are longboarding, web development & designing.

The choice for Lrussell was made made based on his long-standing reputation and clear understanding of the rules, pre-existing experience with moderating, as well as useful development skills.

Lrussell wrote:

I’m 16 years old and from the United States. I remember finding EE on Kongregate around December 2010. I don’t build all that much but it’s definitely fun hanging out in-game. Bots are probably the biggest “thing” I got into, and most my programming experience comes from them. Now I’m working towards a career in Computer Networking.

Secondly, the long-term plan is to add a more transparent warning system to the game. This means each action has its own consequence worth a certain amount of points. After a certain amount of points, you will be banned for a certain duration of time. You will be notified of this warning and its contents to make sure you know what your warning and its potential consequences entail.


After a month, we have finally received word back from PlayerIO about the server issues!  The gist of it is that they were extremely busy with a lot of customers, implementing their wishes, but have now had time for ours. Short answer: they’ve helped us fix the issue. Long answer for the tech-savy:

PlayerIO wrote:

Internally in the client there’s something called the Unity Message Pump which translates internal client events to unity events (co-routines calls). This pump was yielding after each event, which could introduce delays when there are many of co routines competing for attention. In this case you had two things trying to get attention at the same time, the sending loop and the receiving loop, and this was doubled because of the two connections. Timing inconsistencies caused the delay to build up as you’ve shown.
We’ve made a modification to the message pump so it processes all outstanding events in one go, instead of yielding after each event. This seems to have removed the delay in your code.


Per request, the Summer Campaign will be back for 1 week (so until the 10th of October) because we didn’t notify you about its disappearance. Make sure you beat it while you can! The Spring Campaign was long overdue, so that will return next year.

[Update] – 30 September – Sweet stuff, info on Unity client progress

Some new items for builders in everybody edits! Enjoy.



Mine Pack

Explore underground! Cavernous rocks, pretty crystals that morph into 6 distinct colors, and an animated torch decoration!

Textile Backgrounds

Soft fabric texture in 5 colorful patterns!


Restaurant Decoration

Serve guests in your worlds an assortment of food and drinks! Includes three morphable dishes.


It has been a while since our last update. In the previous update notes I stated there would be no updates until the Unity client was done. Obviously, it isn’t, but we do have to keep moving on. I made a post about its status a while ago. It was meant to go on the blog but it was down at that time so I posted it on the forum.I’ll copy/paste what I had originally written there:

I’ll keep it short:
– We have a mostly functioning client.
– It runs really smoothly, at high resolutions too.
– The design is under contruction (menus n such).

– The unity version has major server issues. This is a bug on PlayerIO’s side. We’ve sent them our code so they can fix it on their end. However, it has been weeks since I’ve had any reply and my subsequent emails have been ignored. I have no idea why or what’s going on, especially considering how amazingly nice and generous they’ve been so far. This lag is a huge issue because, compared to the flash version, there’s almost 30 seconds lag when a world has some people in it and stuff is being edited (aka unplayable). This needs to be fixed or the entire client is just useless. If you want to have a look and help out, please do! Forum topic here.

– As soon as Kaslai joined the team, some stuff happened that had priority over EE. Reportedly, should be done in October so he’ll have time for EE then.
– Progress has been virtually halted because we’re waiting for the bug to be fixed, plus Thanel has been doing the vast majority of the porting work and he is losing motivation over working alone most of the time.

The plans:
– Hopefully get PlayerIO to get their stuff together and fix the lag.
– After the design phase is done, release the client to beta members.
– Heavy debugging and optimizing, collecting feedback.

After that, we’ll have to see how everything goes. It’s all hard to say because we’re relying on an external factor (PlayerIO people).

Once there’s an update on the matter I’ll make another post about it!

[Important notification] Account transfers are now possible!

Account transfer is now possible!

Do you have an account on Kongregate, Facebook, or ArmorGames, but you want to play on the main website instead? You’re in luck, because we now offer account transfers.


How does this work?

Please, read this very carefully because any changes we make are permanent!
There are a few conditions:
1: Accounts can only be transferred FROM Kongregate, Facebook, or ArmorGames, TO the main website. Not the other way around!
2: Accounts cannot be merged. Accounts are swapped, so items from account A will go to B, and B will go to A.
3: Account transfers are permanent, so they cannot be reversed!

If you still wish to transfer your account, send an email to or, or send us a PM on the forum. You will then receive additional instructions on how to continue.