Time Trials & Lobby Overhaul!

Hi Everybody!

Welcome to the largest Everybody Edits update of the year! A fitting way to finish 2018 I feel.

So, the long-awaited Lobby Overhaul has finally arrived! We’ve done all we can to optimise how the lobby and profiles act, and make them simpler for everyone to understand and use!

Feel free to explore yourselves, but one of the most important additions for the Beta users out there is that you’re able to Opt-In to being invited to the Everybody Edit Universe Closed Beta when it’s ready to go! I’ll be personally going through each account that signs up to check how best to compensate you in EE Universe.

Meanwhile, our amazing Campaign Team have been working for half a year to make “The Thing” happen, also known as Time Trial Mode! For every permanent campaign available, you can now race against the clock to achieve the best speedrunning times in the community! As such, this also means you’re able to show off your stellar racing achievements with additions to the badges on your profile:


Not only that, to compliment this epic new feature, we have a brand new Speedrun Campaign to go with it, made up of some of the most suitable starter speedrunning levels to get you all warmed up!

To find out more about this update, please head over to the Fan Forums!

Thank you for a wonderful year, and we look forward to a bright future in 2019! See you in-game!

~ Xenonetix & The Everybody Edits Staff ~


Hi Everybody!

Today, we bring you a great variety of brand new campaigns, with an incredible 4 Elemental Campaigns to choose from!


But these are no ordinary campaigns – Not by a long shot! Access the Elemental Campaign Hub to pick which campaigns you’d like to play! Complete all four to take off for a special final campaign!!

Please feel free to join us on the Fan Forums for more information and to discuss this update.

~ Everybody Edits Staff ~

Dungeons, Monsters, & More!

Halloween is once again upon us! Now you can celebrate the scary season with all new limited time content:


Welcome the new monsters! The strangely eager executioner, the grotesque gargoyle, and the banshee have made themselves guests at the energy shop.
Surrounding them is the dark dungeon. Masonry, barred windows, and hanging steel chains are dimly lit by eerie torches. A Zombie NPC has also crawled into the dungeon, so watch your head!

Make sure to get the limited items in season!

And now for a Halloween Bonus! Everyone who owns the Cave Backgrounds may notice three brand new shades in their collection!


For crew builders, decorate your crew for the season! Three new Faceplates have been added to the crew shop: Full MoonSpider Web, and the Castle! These items are permanent, so collect them at your convenience.


Please feel free to join us on the Fan Forums for more information and to discuss this update.

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~ TOOP ~

Auras in Autumn

Hi Everybody!

Today’s update primarily brings you some brand new animated auras! These come in the form of the Sawblade and Target!


We’ve also added the Bubble Aura due as a prize for the Official Everybody Edits Tournament, which is reaching its climax! There’s also a new aura specifically for the Divine Patrons to thank them for their support!

Meanwhile, the Autumn Sale has begun! For now, we just have the 2014 Autumn Pack on Sale, but there’ll be more sales to come over the next few weeks!


We’re aware this is a smaller update (although perhaps larger than it seems at first glance), but October will be a big month for updates, and we look forward to the spooky season to come…

Please feel free to join us on the Fan Forums for more information and to discuss this update.

See you in-game soon!

~ Everybody Edits Staff ~

Toxicity & Poison!

Hi Everybody!

We’re glad to finally be able to present the Toxic Pack!


There’s a great assortment of new blocks available to use, including the new Toxic Waste Liquid Hazard! This dangerous substance is so toxic that it will cause death immediately on contact, but if you have protection, you’ll be able to swim around freely!

In addition to this new pack, we also have the new Poison Effect! For so long, we’ve wanted to have a non-transferable curse, and that’s finally here! We also have the Skelly NPC now available for purchase to compliment the Toxic theme!

That’s not all, Slow has now been added to the Speed Effect! We’ve also made a tweak to the look of the Speed Effect to reflect this and make it clearer when speed is increased or decreased.

But wait, there’s more! Finally, we’ve added a new type of faceplate for crews in the form of the Checker Faceplate! We hope you’ll enjoy using this elegant new design presented by Toop.

Please feel free to join us on the Fan Forums for more information and to discuss this update.

See you in game, and be careful in there!

~ The Everybody Edits Team ~