Moving to Classic

We’re going to be moving a few seasonal items to the classic tab.  This will make the items only purchasable with gems.  In order to be fair to those that have already started spending energy on them, we will not be moving them until August 18, 2015.

– Summer 2015

– Tourist
– Tanned
– Monster
– Mad Scientist
– Diver
– Skeleton
– New Years 2013

Profile URLs Have Changed

Profile URLs have been changed to know look like this:

Previously, URLs looked like this:
Which was fine, but it contained a random ‘/?/’ that made the URL kind of messy, and inconsistent with world URLs.

If you have any links pointing to someone’s profile, I suggest you change them because the old links will not work.

/?/ will now redirect to the right place.  URLs do not need to be changed.

Woot system will be replaced

Hi guys,

As I’m sure some of you noticed during the campaign preview video, the top right corner didn’t display woots and there was a “Favorite this world!” button when beating the campaign level.

This is because woots will be replaced by “Favorites” and “Likes”.

Currently, woots are completely meaningless. Anyone can theoretically spend an infinite amount of woots on a level, either by coming back each day, rejoining or even using extra accounts. People woot to get edit rights, woot to get “gold” in a bot level, woot to announce them leaving the level, or simply woot because they have 10 of them and they don’t know what to do with them.

Because of this, woots aren’t rare in any way and therefore this “currency” is meaningless. Woots were meant to be a display of quality, to praise a world, but when it was first implemented it missed the mark due to its design. Therefore, woots are being replaced with “Likes” and “Favorites”

How  do “Likes” and “Favorites” work?
The system will work similar to YouTube. On the top right in a level and in the lobby you will see the amount of Likes/Favorites a world has. You can “Like” a world, and you can “Unlike” it. You only get to spend 1 Like per level, ever, making it much more meaningful than woots.
Similarly, you can “Favorite” a world, which means you will also be able to keep track of all your favorite worlds and easily find them again.
When Liking/Favoriting a world, no notification will be displayed in chat. We want it to be meaningful, and liking (and then sneakily unliking!) a world to get edit rights is not a display of quality, which is what this system is for.

What does this mean for my worlds?
Woots will go and Likes and Favorites will take its place. This means your woots are no longer displayed and everyone has a fresh start.

Join in on the discussion here:



Hi guys, I’d like to start off with the following: DON’T. EVER. GIVE. AWAY. YOUR PASSWORD. TO ANYONE. EVER. Ok? Ok, now for the actual post. It has recently come to our attention that there’s a lot of phishing going on. What’s phishing you ask? Simply put, someone tries to gain your trust to steal your sensitive information. In the case of Everybody Edits, people are pretending to be (secret) admins/mods and use some excuse to ask for your password. For example: ExampleExample2 If you give away your password, they will steal your account and abuse it. So don’t do it! The staff will never, ever, ask for your passwords, so don’t give them out to anyone! These are people trying to “hack” you. If someone sends you a PM like this, report them using the  /report command with a link to the PM chat history. For anyone attempting this, this is a serious offence, you will be IP banned if you attempt this, and possibly have all your accounts deleted. Also, there is no such thing as secret mods, so don’t listen to anyone saying they are. If you’re in doubt whether you’re talking to a staff member, the staff members’ name ingame will be yellow/gold or purple. Also, the list of staff members can be found here: Also, DON’T. EVER. GIVE. AWAY. YOUR PASSWORD. TO ANYONE. EVER. NOT OUTSIDE OF EE EITHER! Stay safe The Everybody Edits team

2015 Summer EXCLUSIVE pack!

Today is the 21st of June, which means it’s officially summer! (Ok that was yesterday but shhh!)
Time to kick it off with the…
2015 Summer EXCLUSIVE pack!


This pack is only available for energy from today until the 1st of August 2015!

This pack features:
– A new orange aura, regular and Builders Club!
– 5 new decorations: summerdecos
– Two new smilies:
– The tourist smiley tourist
– The sun-burnt smiley sunburnt

Of course we also had to add a few fixes.


Block picker
– Selecting blocks and backgrounds while holding down a number key now always only requires 1 click.
– You can now assign blocks to the 0 key.

– Made the phrasing of the world options consistent.
– Re-ordered a bunch of blocks/backgrounds on the block bar to make them consistent with the rest.
– Morphable blocks now show up as “morphable” instead of “rotatable”.
– The “ladders” category has been renamed to “climbable”

– Fixed an issue where guests were spammed to register to be able to chat when resizing the window.
– Fixed a silly typo in the guest lobby (costum–>custom).
– Fixed guest side buttons overlapping the minimap button.

– Increased the chances of getting a magic coin a bit more.
– Not having chat now also disables PMing whomever you like.
– Added a word filter to user creation.
– Using the teleport command now says *SYSTEM* instead of *WARNING*.
– Polished the beige brick background.


This is not the big thing we keep hyping yet, but there’s nothing wrong with spoiling you a little bit 😉