Super Effective!

Effect blocks

We have eliminated potions completely. Instead, we’ve added effect blocks to use in your levels! Each effect has its own activation and deactivation block. You will see an icon on the top left of your screen when an effect is active. They cost 750 energy each, one-time purchase for infinite uses. The team blocks are 750 energy per 10. To compensate for the loss of any potions, we’ve temporarily put the Jump effect on sale for 10 energy!

– Jump effect
Jump twice as high!

– Speed effect
Run 50% faster!

– Fly effect
Hold space to fly!

– Protection effect
Hazard can’t kill you; removes curse and zombie status.

– Teams
Hit a colour to join that team. Each colour has its own doors and gates!
An icon on your smiley as well as in the user list shows what team you’re in. Hit the grey team block to go back to neutral.

– Curse effect
Hit this block to start a curse; hit someone else to transfer the curse to them. Set a timer on how long the curse lasts,
which then kills the cursed player! A maximum of 3 curses can be active at a time.

– Zombie effect
Hit this block to turn into a zombie, moving 40% slower and jumping 25% lower. Set a timer for how long you turn into a zombie,
after which you die.

World options

– You can now hide your worlds from the lobby and your profile.
– You can now toggle whether players are allowed to join your worlds.
– You can now enable/disable spectating in your worlds.
– You can now add a description to your worlds

UI changes

– Block selector
In your block bar, hold down a number key (0-9) and click a block to assign it to that number on your quick bar.
This also works as a block picker on blocks in the level!
– Added an aura selector button
– Improved guest UI
Guests can now use quick chat.
Guests can now only send PMs to guardians/admins.
– Added descriptions to some blocks.
– Improved loading animations.
– Worlds can now be previewed from the lobby. — extra credits to XJEEX for helping here!
– Your smiley is now green with a green trail on the minimap.

Block changes

– Spawns, switches, invisible portals, signs and cakes are no longer visible on the minimap.
– Fixed a few bugs with one-way blocks
– Invisible blocks are now only visible when god mode is active.
– Revamped the ladder texture.
– Revamped the crown texture.


– You can now press “/” to open chat for quick command entry.
– Expanded the /help command.
– Added /spec command — shortcut to specate someone.
– /getpos is now available for everyone
– You can now reply to the last received PM by pressing backspace.
– You can now press enter to log in instead of clicking.


– Added auras to the shop
Buy permanent aura colours for when you’re in god mode!
Users with Builders Club get exclusive animated auras.

– Added two new tutorial worlds
Number 1:

Number 2:

– Ravatroll
– Master1

– The limit of simultaneous players in a world has been increased from 45 to 75
– Pressing shift no longer closed the text entry field when typing a message
– You can now see world changes while stuck in a block
– Revamped certain smileys
– Hitting a smiley-changing block no longer overrides your default smiley.
– Added a new smiley: 3D Glasses PiZCT9j.png

See you in the worlds!
The Everybody Edits Team

Loading Screen Contest Winners!

Woohoo! Thanks for the submissions everybody! Here are the final results.

1st Place:
Team Name: RAYnBOH
Members: Boh, RayOfLight
World URL:

2nd Place:
Team Name: PolishKids
Members: KarolV2, Filiposs, Adonis123
World URL:
Team Name: Llama Team
Members: Master1, Theditor, Stagecrew
World URL:
Team Name: Mod Land Lads
Members: Badoosh, Stubby, AK712
World URL:
Team Name: KuppaKing
Member: BowserMarioLuigi
World URL:

3rd Place:
Team Name: Variety
Members: XEN90, Rempoh
World URL:
Team Name: The Returned Dawn of EE
Member: Itsmeandersonlol
World URL:
Team Name: The Brick Hole
Members: Teoten, Mirza, Benny4
World URL:
Team Name: YinYang Crew
Members: Kentiya, TechnoWolf99
World URL:
Team Name: A5
Members: Aaro54, Alex5555
World URL:
Team Name: Cjes
Member: c25293
World URL:
Team Name: CTC
Members: Curdflapper1, Tak4n, Cola1
World URL:
Team Name: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) desu
Members: Raon, JR2, Dadito
World URL:

Winners have received their prize.

See you in the worlds,
The Everybody Edits Team.

Hot stuff!

Hey everybody!

It’s already been a while since the last update, so I decided to do one today! (Yes, it’s Friday the 13th, but I think it’s fine… right?) Also, it’s Everybody Edits’ 5th birthday today! Wooohoooo!

Here are the changes:
– Added Artist, Princess, Chef and Clown smiley.
– Added liquid lava to the lava block package.
– Added /godon <username> command (same with /godoff).
– Added /givecrown <username> and /removecrown (/removecrown doesn’t need an username since only one person can have it)
– Changed the whole magic system.
– Fixed a bug where guests could get magic.
– Fixed a bug that only allows you to have 1 magic brick.
– Fixed a bug where you could place fully invisible blocks in other worlds.

– Fixed a bug that messes up world names on profile.

Details about the new magic system will be released soon.

NOTE: Fixed the update. Rolling out now.

See you in the worlds,
The Everybody Edits Team.

Bye bye magic!

Hey everybody, I’m too lazy to write an introduction thingy, so let’s just start with the changelist:

  • Removed magic classes.
  • Added new basic, beta, brick, checker, basicbg, brickbg, checkerbg, darkbg and normalbg blocks.
  • Changed energy time to 1:30 instead of 2:30.
  • You now have all your portals, but x5. Also when you buy them.
  • Changed Woot count to 10.
  • Added more id’s to switches.
  • Changed a lot of user interface things.
  • Added a new package. Don’t ask me what it is, because it’s extremely secret and hard to get (or find). And no, you can’t obtain it by having Builders Club 😀
  • Added the DJ Smiley to the drums package.
  • Fixed several bugs.

Oh, almost forgot! Processor is now a moderator of Everybody Edits! So please start annoying him when you see him. I’m sure he’ll like that.

Because we knew the energy would drop, we changed it so you get +1 energy every 1,5 minutes instead every 2,5 minutes. We also lowered the shop prices because of this. It might not look fair, but I think now having 200-300 energy is as much as having 400-500 energy before this update.

See you in the worlds, The Everybody Edits Team

Loading Screen Contest

Loading Screen Contest!

Loading Screen Contest

  • 1st Place (1 team): Loading screen in-game, 100 gems, +100 max energy, Artist smiley
  • 2nd Place (3 teams): 75 Gems, +75 max energy, Artist smiley
  • 3rd Place (5 Teams): 50 Gems, +50 max energy, Artist smiley
Time frame:
  • Signing up will occur between February 18-28 ONLY! Do not try to apply after the deadline.
  • Building time will occur between March 1-10 only
  • Judging will start immediately after the level creation deadline.
Signing up:
  • Only 3 creators per team at most. You are however free to have less.
  • Being in more than 1 team simultaneously is NOT allowed.
  • Signing up will be done on the official forum on the specified topic ONLY.
  • Each team is required to submit a world, no other medium will be accepted
  • A 40 block wide by 30 block tall area in the level that will be judged must be indicated
  • Content within the submission should be your teams work! (not copied)
  • Worlds should not include:
  • Inappropriate content
  • Sprite art of smileys or content from other games
  • Make sure that you’re making the level on a world that can be accessed by non-betas as well.
Levels will be judged on:
  • Composition and placement of items, balance of positive and negative space.
  • Aesthetics (color balance and choice, and how pleasing it is to look at)
  • Ability to have the Everybody Edits logo and smileys edited in by the staff
  • Please don’t create an out-of-season themed environment (example: Christmas or Halloween themed levels)
  • You should leave open spaces for smiley faces to be edited in by the staff
  • Try to be original and have fun!


Questions and signing up here:

See you in the worlds,
The Everybody Edits Team

New Forums

Hey everybody!

It took a while to set up, but it’s here! The new Everybody Edits Forums are now live at
(Please note this isn’t the final domain and will be changed in the future)

Also, we’ve requested people to send us some poems for Valentine’s Day. We’ve received romantic, but also some funny poems. Everybody who sent us a poem has received 25 Gems.

Here’s one that Zoey2070 sent and REALLY wanted me to post this here:
roses are red
violets are blue
give me the gems
and i’ll kiss u :o)

See you in the worlds,
The Everybody Edits Team.

NOTE: Should be working again.

The big update

Hello! So, I finally decided to roll out this update, which has a bunch of neat stuff! Here’s the changelog:

Additions & Changes:

  • Switches now have ID’s.
  • Added Cyan, Magenta and Yellow key doors/gates.
  • Added Valentines 2015 package with Smiley
  • Added death doors and gates (Beta only)
  • Added one-way blocks (Beta only)
  • Added invisible gravity.
  • Added /pm “<username> <message>” command.
  • Beta is available again.
  • New magic and energy system.
  • Also new magic smiley.
  • Chat is free again!
  • Added a hex color tag to the Label Block.
  • Increased friend limit to 50 people (70 for Builders Club).
  • Changed the loading screen image.
  • Fixed “/bgcolor none” showing error message.
  • Fixed “/gbp” not always showing username.
  • Fixed texture errors with Pipe package and Halloween Background corner.
  • Fixed the system censoring a bit too well…
  • Made invisible portals invisible on the minimap
  • Updated name colors for Moderators and Guardians.

For Beta users: If you notice any bugs with the new blocks that are in beta testing, please report the bugs by commenting down below. See you in the worlds, The Everybody Edits team.

Also, sorry for the epic bug festival thing, I didn’t have the right stuff to test this update. I hope you forgive me? 🙂

NOTE: All items are no longer in Beta testing.