Holographic Environment Simulator

Or, hologram block for shortūüėČ

We have added a new block! When you touch it, you turn into a hologram of a smiley.


And thanks for all the great entries to the SciFi competition. There is really a lot of creative and cool worlds!

Remember that there is still time to send in your submissions. Check out the previous blog post for more info.

And also in this update:

  • New landing page image (themed for the season) (done by jawapa)
  • Changed max. portal ids to 999
  • Added /getblockplacer command.
    • Simply type /getblockplacer (or /gbp) to activate. Then click a block to get the name of whoever placed that block. Type command again to deactivate. Only world owners (and Guardians) can use this command. And it only works with blocks placed since the world was last opened.
  • Added a command that allows Guardians to ban worlds.
    • If a world is banned, only Guardians and the world owner can access it.

See you in the worlds!


MrShoe and MrVoid

Sci-Fi Competition!


It is finally time for an official world competition! So bring out you very best blocks and build a Sci-Fi themed world.

The competition only runs until the 24th of November, so better hurry up! Submissions made after this date will not be considered.

Send your subission to: eecompetition@cape.net

Winners will be announced on the 1st of December.



The world must be either a Large (100X100), Medium (50X50), or a Small (25X25).

The finished world must have a Sci-fi theme, but all blocks and block packs are allowed.

One person per team, so the account the map is hosted on is where the prizes will go.

Only one entry per person.

Bots are not allowed.

Maps that require 2 people to win are allowed, but must be marked as so upon submission.

No animated worlds (such as eeditor and ee artist)

Judges are not allowed to enter the contest.


Worlds will be assessed and judged based on:

Implementation of theme

Quality of artwork and visuals

Quality of minigames/challenges

Fun factor




There will be prizes for the 9 best worlds:

1st place (1-3): 1 Year Builder’s Club AND 1 choice of any smiley or pack in the shop for free (Including Big Spender or Diamond)

2nd place (3-6): 6 Months Builder’s Club AND 1 choice of any smiley or pack in the shop for free (Including Big Spender or Diamond)

3rd place (6-9): 3 Months Builder’s Club



Kingoftheozone, Ultrabass, Jawapa, Gadgetgeek, NVD


See you in the worlds!



Mrshoe and MrVoid


EDIT! Added the mail to submit your worlds to. (bah…)

Fastest leaf on the tree

It is yet again time to celebrate the changing seasons (especially in the northern hemisphere)! Introducing the Autumn pack 2014 with pumpkins, leaves and acorns.



A big thanks to Toop who made the graphics for the Autumn pack. As always, seasonal blocks are time limited. So hurry up!

Besides the new graphic pack, we also made a Potion of Speed! Perfect for showing of or running away from zombies! Or…eat the brains of those who are not zombies yetūüėČ


Free Chat

We have received countless mails regarding free chat, so we have now introduced an email verification, which allows you to enable free chat. Simply sign up for our newsletter in the News section and follow the instructions in the mail.



Ultrabass has chosen to resign from the Guardian team. We thank him for all the help he has given us!

We will start looking for a replacement for him as soon as possible.


Also in this update

We have had Nvd help us with this update, and he also fixed a lot of minor stuff.

  • Button to set World visiblity. Turn it off to hide your world in the world list.
  • Added text bubbles to portals to show id and target, when you’re in god mode.
  • Changed Gem Icon
  • Fixed black background behind bricks in the brick selector.
  • Fixed profiles not loading correctly.



We are working on the last details on a new world competition, which will start next week. Stay tuned for more!


See you in the worlds!


MrShoe and MrVoid








As you can all probably imagine, we have received a lot of mails regarding chat. So this post is to explain the problem and an invite for everyone to give suggestions on how to fix it.


The problem

The problem with chat is not the swearing. In general, there is an sober tone in the chat. At least not worse than one can expect. We would always like to improve the atmosphere, but this is not the reason we are removing chat.

What is the problem is groups of people targeting single users, stalking them and bullying them. And even if there is a Guardian around to ban the bullies, they simply created new accounts and continued.

This is a behaviour we simply can not allow, and the system with free chat makes this kind of abuse too easy.



If anyone have any suggestions to a solution that makes it possible for players to enable free chat, but still makes it impossible for trolls to obtain (and too valuable for them to loose), we are very open to hearing your suggestions.


For now

In the meantime, we have made chat cheaper, so it is now only 1$, which includes 20 gems. What a bargain!



Best regards,

MrShoe and MrVoid









Blue is best

At long last, after countless requests, we simply ran out of excuses not to make blue coin doors and gates.



These should go well together with the existing doors and gates to make some exiting new worlds!



Unfortunately, we have had a lot of people misusing the free chat of Everybody Edits. So much that we have found it necessary to reintroduce “pay for chat”. This means you have to buy the chat items in the shop in order to chat. If you already bought it before, you still have it.

You can always chat with your friends and the Guardians though.



Squadfs is doing a really good job at finding interesting worlds or news an tweeting about them. This is an example:

We really enjoy following and fully endorse himūüôā



A minor update (that we made some time ago, but never made public) is command auto-completion.  Just start writing a command, press TAB to auto-complete the command.


See you in the worlds!


Best Regards

MrShoe and MrVoid



Guardians Update

We are very happy to announce that all the people we have asked to become Guardians have agreed. So welcome to KingOfTheOzone, Nvd, JaWaPa and UltraBass.

We plan to find a couple of Guardians more over the next week to bring the total up to 6.


Meanwhile, I have received a lot of questions regarding Guardians and I will try to cover some of them here. Feel free to ask more in the comments!

If this is the first time you hear about Guardians in Everybody Edits, read the previous¬†postūüôā


Q: What powers will Guardians have?

To begin with, Guardians will have the power to kick people from all worlds and also ban people.  Nobody will be kicked or banned without a warning and an explanation.  Guardians cannot edit a world they do not own or grant others the right to do so. Neither can they modify any settings of a world.

They will have the ability to fly around in god mode like moderators do.


Q: I am afraid that the Guardian will be an immature kid who destroys my world.

We have chosen the Guardians carefully and instructed them that their role is to make the game fun and respect and help all players. They are not supposed to destroy anything (and they can not) . If this is not the case tell them how they can improve. Or tell us.


Q: Who will moderate the Guardians?

Guardians will moderate each other. Reports made about guardians will not be handled by that Guardian. If you have a complaint about a Guardian feel free to write to me. Giving respectful feedback to a Guardian will not result in a ban.


Q: Are there secret Guardians?

No. And anyone saying they are a secret Guardian (or mod) is not. Guardians may have more  accounts, or they may react on reports send in. But the Guardians are the ones mentioned earlier.


Q: Will the Guardians have access to the game code?

No. Guardians are not meant to develop the game. They will however observe the game and collect ideas which we will discuss.


Q: Can Guardians read all chat?

No. Guardians can read the chat log when a user reports another user.


Q: Guardians are a terrible idea! There a bigger problems!

That is not even a question. But while it is true that Guardians will not solve everything, they are an important first step to solve the bugger issues. Right now, we have only some idea of the problems that are going on. Guardians will play the game, listen to users and report back to us. This gives us a much better understanding of problems or wishes that the players have.


Q: When will Guardians start?

We will make a News update when we are ready to begin. Right now we are still testing, but we hope to make the update this week.


See you in the worlds!


Best Regards

MrShoe and MrVoid





As you all know we are finally back to working on Everybody Edits.

One major issue right now is moderating the worlds. It seems to us that both inappropriate language and hackers have taken over while we were away, which is really sad.
What we really need is to have some kind of moderators who can can be our extended ears and eyes in the worlds, and who can take action on smaller issues on the spot.



Introducing guardians

Everybody Edits is full of nice, fun and creative people. But unfortunately there will always be people behaving badly or simply harassing and trolling other users.

We would really like to do something about this, as it¬†takes the fun out of the game. However, we can’t be everywhere at once – and most of the time we are not even anywhere to be found. So what we need is a group of volunteers who can act as Guardians to keep a good atmosphere in the game. Not by running around and banning people left and right, even though they can, but by helping people out and get a better understanding of how to behave in Everybody Edits.

The main task for the Guardians is to create a good, safe and welcome atmosphere in the worlds. To cater to the community, not police it.

Besides being present in worlds, the Guardians will also read though the many reports send in and act upon them. Right now the reports are mainly used as an archive where we can verify accusations, but we would like to get better at acting as fast as possible.

Lastly, we imagine that the Guardians will probably also be avid players of Everybody Edits and talk to a lot of users. This means they will provide us with a lot of feedback from users.



The exact set of rules and what means of punishment the Guardians will have is yet to be decided. When the first Guardians have been chosen, we will set about creating a set of guidelines and rules as to what is considered good behaviour in Everybody Edits, based on the existing guidelines.

We expect the Guardians to listen to the rest of the community to get inspiration for this, and together we will find some rules everyone can agree is fair and useful.



Even before we have launched guardians, the news about them has spread and worries have grown. We have received a lot of emails from concerned users, mostly regarding who will become guardians, how they are chosen and if they are the right people.

First of all, we are as concerned as you are about choosing the right people. Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that we do this right in our first attempt. If it turns out that we have choosen the wrong people they will loose their guardian status and become regular users again.

We have found a list of potential guardians by asking players we know, who they would like to nominate as guardians. And by ignoring the people who have written to us nominating themselves. We have searched through our reports to see if the potential guardians have any skeletons in the closest, and basically read through the information we have on each. As we post this we have also send them a mail asking if they are even interested in becoming guardians. We are looking for people who are active in the game, likes to talk to other people and engage in the community. Someone who can solve conflicts in a mature fashion and generally behaves in a pleasant way.

When we talk to players it seems to us that there are a lot of different groups in the community who seems to be somewhat in conflict. It is almost impossible for us to navigate in these groups, but we expect the Guardians  to work together and be objective.


Potential guardians

The 4 people we have asked are:

  • JaWaPa
  • Kingoftheozone
  • Nvd
  • Ultrabass

We might decide to add more Guardians later on.  Feel free to comment below (using your ingame name), or send me an email at:


If you do comment, try to think about how the person will do as a Guardian and be as objective as possible.


Next step

Now we will await feedback from the players we have asked to become a guardian as well as everybody else. Once we have decided on the Guardians, we will announce it here and in the game.

We do not expect the Guardian system to be flawless from the start, but we hope that given time it will be a good addition which will help make a good atmosphere in the game we all love.


See you in the worlds!


Best Regards

MrShoe and MrVoid