The big update

Hello! So, I finally decided to roll out this update, which has a bunch of neat stuff! Here’s the changelog:

Additions & Changes:

  • Switches now have ID’s.
  • Added Cyan, Magenta and Yellow key doors/gates.
  • Added Valentines 2015 package with Smiley
  • Added death doors and gates (Beta only)
  • Added one-way blocks (Beta only)
  • Added invisible gravity.
  • Added /pm “<username> <message>” command.
  • Beta is available again.
  • New magic and energy system.
  • Also new magic smiley.
  • Chat is free again!
  • Added a hex color tag to the Label Block.
  • Increased friend limit to 50 people (70 for Builders Club).
  • Changed the loading screen image.
  • Fixed “/bgcolor none” showing error message.
  • Fixed “/gbp” not always showing username.
  • Fixed texture errors with Pipe package and Halloween Background corner.
  • Fixed the system censoring a bit too well…
  • Made invisible portals invisible on the minimap
  • Updated name colors for Moderators and Guardians.

For Beta users: If you notice any bugs with the new blocks that are in beta testing, please report the bugs by commenting down below. See you in the worlds, The Everybody Edits team.

Also, sorry for the epic bug festival thing, I didn’t have the right stuff to test this update. I hope you forgive me?🙂

NOTE: All items are no longer in Beta testing.

Passing the torch…

We have big news! Everybody Edits has a new owner!  MrShoe and MrVoid are very busy people and could no longer find time to work on the game. What does this mean for the game then? More updates, bug fixes, and more feature implementation.

Our first task was to extend the Everybody Edits staff.  We have asked Toop, Master1, Thanel, and UltraBass to help us. They have all agreed, and so the new Everybody Edits team is now:

Moderators: NVD, JaWapa, Toop.
Guardians: Kingoftheozone, Thanel, UltraBass, Master1.

The second thing we did, was work extensively on updates. As soon as we heard the news that we were going to run the game now, we instantly went to work. With the entire team working very hard, we are about to release one of the biggest updates ever to EE.

See you in the worlds,
The new Everybody Edits team.

EDIT: Beta is now available in the Energy Shop for $7,50

Sci-Fi Competition Winners!

The Sci-Fi competition is over, and the winners has been found.
We have received many different worlds, and the judges has worked overtime to play all of them. A big thanks to the judges Gadgetgeek, Jawapa, nvd and especially Kingoftheozone for also organizing the contest in the first place.

Everybody is in awe with the quality of the worlds, and we are very proud to present the very elite of Everybody Edits world builders:


First Place


Energy Field – Scifi
Made by: Forcesniper
Score: 8.9


Plenty of space
Made by: Killeratz
Score: 8.63


Twin Moons
Made by: Stagecrew
Score: 8.6


Second Place


M1 Scifi
Made by: Master1
Score: 8.56


Made by: Shadowboy
Score: 8.5


Eternity Dream
Made by: Kiraninja
Score: 8.3


Third Place


Jumpnot Dimension
Made by: Ipwner
Score: 8.23


Planet Puu XII
Made by: Sensei1
Score: 8.2


Made by: Tak4n
Score: 8.1


Honorable Mention


Aliens Night Out
Made by: Benje00


Against My Mind
Made by: Asurch


Schizoid’s Android
Made by: Skullz


See you in the worlds!

Best Regards
The Guardian Team, MrVoid and MrShoe.

Sci-Fi Competition Deadline

Thank you all very much for the many submissions!

We have received around 84 worlds and the judges are looking forward to playing them.

The winners will be announced on 1st of December.

The winning and best runner-up worlds will be featured so Everybody gets a chance to play them.

Best Regards

MrVoid and MrShoe








Holographic Environment Simulator

Or, hologram block for short😉

We have added a new block! When you touch it, you turn into a hologram of a smiley.


And thanks for all the great entries to the SciFi competition. There is really a lot of creative and cool worlds!

Remember that there is still time to send in your submissions. Check out the previous blog post for more info.

And also in this update:

  • New landing page image (themed for the season) (done by jawapa)
  • Changed max. portal ids to 999
  • Added /getblockplacer command.
    • Simply type /getblockplacer (or /gbp) to activate. Then click a block to get the name of whoever placed that block. Type command again to deactivate. Only world owners (and Guardians) can use this command. And it only works with blocks placed since the world was last opened.
  • Added a command that allows Guardians to ban worlds.
    • If a world is banned, only Guardians and the world owner can access it.

See you in the worlds!


MrShoe and MrVoid

Sci-Fi Competition!


It is finally time for an official world competition! So bring out you very best blocks and build a Sci-Fi themed world.

The competition only runs until the 24th of November, so better hurry up! Submissions made after this date will not be considered.

Send your subission

Winners will be announced on the 1st of December.



The world must be either a Large (100X100), Medium (50X50), or a Small (25X25).

The finished world must have a Sci-fi theme, but all blocks and block packs are allowed.

One person per team, so the account the map is hosted on is where the prizes will go.

Only one entry per person.

Bots are not allowed.

Maps that require 2 people to win are allowed, but must be marked as so upon submission.

No animated worlds (such as eeditor and ee artist)

Judges are not allowed to enter the contest.


Worlds will be assessed and judged based on:

Implementation of theme

Quality of artwork and visuals

Quality of minigames/challenges

Fun factor




There will be prizes for the 9 best worlds:

1st place (1-3): 1 Year Builder’s Club AND 1 choice of any smiley or pack in the shop for free (Including Big Spender or Diamond)

2nd place (3-6): 6 Months Builder’s Club AND 1 choice of any smiley or pack in the shop for free (Including Big Spender or Diamond)

3rd place (6-9): 3 Months Builder’s Club



Kingoftheozone, Ultrabass, Jawapa, Gadgetgeek, NVD


See you in the worlds!



Mrshoe and MrVoid


EDIT! Added the mail to submit your worlds to. (bah…)

Fastest leaf on the tree

It is yet again time to celebrate the changing seasons (especially in the northern hemisphere)! Introducing the Autumn pack 2014 with pumpkins, leaves and acorns.



A big thanks to Toop who made the graphics for the Autumn pack. As always, seasonal blocks are time limited. So hurry up!

Besides the new graphic pack, we also made a Potion of Speed! Perfect for showing of or running away from zombies! Or…eat the brains of those who are not zombies yet😉


Free Chat

We have received countless mails regarding free chat, so we have now introduced an email verification, which allows you to enable free chat. Simply sign up for our newsletter in the News section and follow the instructions in the mail.



Ultrabass has chosen to resign from the Guardian team. We thank him for all the help he has given us!

We will start looking for a replacement for him as soon as possible.


Also in this update

We have had Nvd help us with this update, and he also fixed a lot of minor stuff.

  • Button to set World visiblity. Turn it off to hide your world in the world list.
  • Added text bubbles to portals to show id and target, when you’re in god mode.
  • Changed Gem Icon
  • Fixed black background behind bricks in the brick selector.
  • Fixed profiles not loading correctly.



We are working on the last details on a new world competition, which will start next week. Stay tuned for more!


See you in the worlds!


MrShoe and MrVoid