Patch 219.1: Fixes, changes and open worlds

Hi everybody! Here’s a small patch to fix a few bugs and change some things around.

– Christmas sounds are gone.
– Low Gravity worlds in the Mine tab are now displayed as 110×110 instead of 50×50.
– /ge and /re commands are no longer cAsE sEnSiTiVe.
– Some block tag fixes.

– Open worlds can now be created with a super secret edit key. Doing so enables god mode and drawing for those who
have edit rights.
– Instead of a block whitelist, there’s now a block blacklist for open worlds. Most building blocks are allowed now and most action blocks aren’t. Some are, though.
– Your own worlds will only show up in the Mine tab unless there are players in it.
– The login screen now displays the latest ingame news message instead of a YouTube video.

New Features:
– Shortcut Shift+V for saving an image of the current minimap (without player trails)
– Use Q and E keys to quickly switch between values in some block property pop-ups.

Please restart your worlds and refresh your pages in order to use some of the new features.

See you in the worlds!
The Everybody Edits Team

August Update


Hey everybody!

It's time for a new update! Let's see what we have here. Seems interesting!

• Magic in chat will now display if the user has received a full energy bar.
• Added captcha for account registration. Email confirmation has been disabled.
• Added new Spiral aura shape.
• Added Indigo and Lime aura colors.
• Added Sleepy smiley. Made my SmittyW!
• Added Aviator smiley. Made by Kentiya!


We are full steam ahead on the Unity porting, progress is being made. Still, no specific dates available until release.

See you in the worlds!
The Everybody Edits Team