Chat Preview

As most of you know, I am working on chat. Here is the first ever public screenshot…

Everybody Edits with chat

To ensure that the chat is not annoying while playing the game, chat bubbles & names will only be visible when:

  1. You are standing still.
  2. You have the chat input field visible (Clicking the chat bubbles in the UI or pressing enter)
  3. Your name where mentioned in a message

The visual style of the chat will change slightly as i port it to Flash, but the final result will be very close to the above screenshot.


So there has been a lot of speculations about the lag of recent updates in Everybody Edits. The truth is that I have been extremely busy. Sadly the result hereof has been that I did not have the time I wished to put into Everybody Edits development.

The good news is that I am back, on monday the 15 development on Everybody Edits will return to it’s old fast update cycle! Step one is chat, thus stay tuned!




Status update – Facebook and Security

On wednesday Player.IO Рthe technology platform powering Everybody Edits Рreleased a new API called Sitebox which make Facebook Applications development practically easy. Given this new toy, to play with, I decided to diverge from the todo and put some effort into creating a real Everybody Edits Facebook experience.

The result of this work is now online and can be seen here:
If you like Everybody Edits, do me a favor and go invite all your friends!

Sadly an already existing and fairly known website have already registered the application url /EverybodyEdits/ so I had to go with the less impressing /everedits/. I am currently petitioning Facebook to have the other application removed.

As part of the update I had to convert Everybody Edits to use the new OAuth based Facebook API a process that turned out to be a little more complicated than expected. I therefore apologize to everybody who have experienced issues with Facebook authentication over the past few days!

While rewriting the authentication code I also ran into a pretty bad security error that allowed anybody to become rainbow gods. Apparently a few people (Impressive) had found the flaw before me, which accounting for a lot of Admin abuse reports. The good news is that this flaw is now fixed.

The short-term Everybody Edits todo

Over the past few weeks I have tried to get an insight into what direction you – the players – would like to see Everybody Edits develop. My primary take aways from this process is that you want 1: to communicate, 2: extensions that allow for move involved game modes. Therefore the development plan now looks as follows.

Elements streaked out are already in the beta.

  1. Chat system that allows people in the same room to talk to each other
  2. Brick property interface (Allowing players to modify properties on bricks, needed for future brick types)
  3. Restore saved world to last save / clear level.
  4. Advanced door where you can set a minimum coin count before people can enter.
  5. More saved rooms per player
  6. Brick that shows a text box when touched by a player
  7. Brick that allows you to define where people start in your level
  8. Teleportation brick that allows you to “link” to other worlds
  9. Brick that changes the physics of a player, think icy bricks, sticky bricks etc
  10. Crowns that can be awarded to more than one player
  11. Optimizing the game to run faster on slow computers

I won’t guarantee that these items are developed in order, nor that I don’t go off on a tangent and make something different between two points, but this is still a fairly good list of things to look forward to in the beta.

Moderator mode preview

A lot of people have been wondering what moderator mode is. It’s simply a special mode that moderators and admins can invoke – when in moderator mode, the moderator gets the rainbow god glow and the ability to edit the world and kick people.

Here is a quick preview as a video:

Moderator FAQ
Can I be a mod? – Nope
Why not? – We got the mods we need
Who are the mods? – There are 7 moderators, 4 secret and 3 public. The public moderators are Toby, Cyclone (from the ee fan forum) and Benjaminsen (me)

What’s next? part two!

So a few people have pointed out that even though new bricks are great, it might not be where the focus should be. As a result here is yet another poll.

Let the voting begin.

New interface released

I just updated the free game such that everybody can use the new game interface.

The clever player will notice that free players still cannot save levels or use the new bricks and smilies. This is on purpose as I am still experimenting with how to introduce those extra features to free players.