EE Universe Closed Beta Info


Hi Everybody!

The time draws near for the Closed Beta of Everybody Edits Universe! The first invites are very likely to be sent out this month, so we thought it was about time we gave players an idea of what to expect from this early development phase!

Firstly, please remember that everything is subject to change, and nothing is final. We’ll be making adjustments based on your feedback over the coming months!

Staff and Patrons will be the first people invited to the game. Following this, we’ll be sending out emails and Kongregate inbox messages to approximately 50 people at a time out of the massive 1350 of you who have opted in to play EE Universe! Naturally, we know people want to get playing the game sooner rather than later, but we have to invite people on a first-come, first-serve basis, based on when accounts have clicked “Opt In” in Everybody Edits. Please be patient with us over the coming weeks, as if you have opted in, you will get your turn! It just may come a few days later than others. We’ll certainly try to get everyone in within a month.

Important point of note though – We do not plan on storing emails or passwords. If you wish to play Everybody Edits Universe, you will require either a Google account or Facebook account. We will be introducing more login options as time goes on, including on Kongregate and Apple ID.

With that out of the way, what can you expect from the start of Closed Beta EEU? Well, right now, there are gravity arrows and dots, coins, transparent blocks (for the minimap), and up to 46 blocks to build with. Naturally, we plan to add content periodically as time goes on, and ByteArray is currently working on getting at least Edit Zones working ready for the Closed Beta Launch! In addition, we hope to have Portals very early on, and Beta players can help us test and tweak EEU’s physics!


Every account will start with a 50×50, a 100×100, and a 150×150 world for free to build in! We won’t have a shop from the start, but we do plan on allowing people to purchase at least new worlds if you wish using the Energy System present in the game. Accounts will have Jewels and Stardust compensation from EE, and this will display to you in-game, but even though they can’t be spent initially, we’ll provide things for you to spend these on when we introduce the shop system at some point during the Closed Beta period!

The Smiley Customizer won’t initially be available, although we do have plenty of accessories planned and created for when it is. Here are some of the items that will be added:


That’s not to say you won’t be able to change smileys. We have some base smileys present in-game already, and you’ll be able to switch between them freely until we add the Smiley Customizer!

The User Interface is fleshed out a bit at this point – The username list pops out, and chat works as an overlay. We welcome your feedback on these features too! There are a few chat commands, and we plan for “/bgcolor” to work from the outset!

During the Closed Beta period, we expect to add the following to the game:

  • Smiley Customizer
  • Shop System
  • Smiley Accessories
  • Switches & On/Off Systems
  • More Blocks
  • Backgrounds
  • Liquid(s)
  • Music Zones
  • Vision Zones
  • Magic Coins

Some things probably won’t be added until the Open Beta begins, including:

  • Daily Featured Levels
  • Time Trial Archive & Leaderboards
  • Level Publishing
  • Decorations
  • Hazards
  • Alternative Minimap Display Options
  • Jewel Purchase System
  • Auras & Aura Unlock System
  • Membership Subscription Services

During Open Beta itself, we have even more planned, including:

  • Effects & Effect Zones
  • Camera Zones
  • Auto-Tiled Blocks
  • Movable Blocks
  • Crumbling Blocks
  • Collectible Keys
  • In-World Shopping Systems
  • Building Contests
  • Leaderboard Contests
  • Extra Game Modes

There’ll be far more, so we look forward to you joining us in making Everybody Edits Universe an epic game for everybody to play!

See you in EEU!

~ Xenonetix ~

5 thoughts on “EE Universe Closed Beta Info

  1. Angel Lime says:

    But what is EEU? it just seems like a copy of EE, then why making an other game? (I super mega want something that you said you wanted to add) but why making them in an other game? this is really new for me and I don’t get anything

  2. John Jones says:

    What about Facebook users? I haven’t been able to log into my Facebook account forever. I want to get back into the game, but I can’t when there is no Facebook version. I just want a new email and play on the normal browser.

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