‘EE Offline’ Information

Hi Everybody!

Just a small update today, but in preparation for big things to come!

We’ve added the ability to download (almost) any Everybody Edits level you want! The new Download Button can be found next to the ‘Like’ and ‘Fav’ buttons for you to be able to download levels you wish to play offline!

Now, this is in advance of us launching Everybody Edits Offline before EE shuts down, which developer Cercul1 is working on. As such, when we launch EEO, the intent is that you’ll be able to just double-click these files to play them, and away you go!

EE Offline is effectively a ‘reduced’ version of Everybody Edits. There will be no chat, no usernames, no name list, no shop, and no lobby. That being said, the levels we do plan on including in EE Offline are all the Campaign Levels (and their Time Trials), including seasonal ones, so you will be able to play all of those to your heart’s content!

One of the primary benefits of playing this version of the game is that you’ll be able to play with any items and smileys currently in the game, all fully unlocked, and you can still build levels, edit any you load, and save them to your drive, if you wish to do so. These files aren’t locked in any way, so you can share them with friends if you want them to play your creations!

We plan to launch EE Offline in June. This update today marks what will most likely be the final ‘content’ update for Everybody Edits, in terms of adding any new items or functionality to the game. We still plan on releasing at least one more campaign soon, and the Campaign Team are working hard to make it a helluva final campaign to remember.

See you in-game!

~ Xenonetix ~

7 thoughts on “‘EE Offline’ Information

  1. kenny girmalse says:

    I would like to see in EEoffline so you can choose your username so that you can still look to your username 🙂

    also is there a function for minimap and other normal functions from the orginal EE?

  2. Ethan Ball says:

    Will EE Universe be compensating non beta members for items/smileys bought? I hope so, I don’t want to have to start my block collection all over again… that’s assuming there’s even a shop in EE Universe, I don’t know how that’s going to work

  3. Ian Bergfeld says:

    will we atleast be able to have a online version aswell? i only played this game because it was online. when its only offline i have no reall reason to play it anymore..so wil there be a online version?

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