Dungeons, Monsters, & More!

Halloween is once again upon us! Now you can celebrate the scary season with all new limited time content:


Welcome the new monsters! The strangely eager executioner, the grotesque gargoyle, and the banshee have made themselves guests at the energy shop.
Surrounding them is the dark dungeon. Masonry, barred windows, and hanging steel chains are dimly lit by eerie torches. A Zombie NPC has also crawled into the dungeon, so watch your head!

Make sure to get the limited items in season!

And now for a Halloween Bonus! Everyone who owns the Cave Backgrounds may notice three brand new shades in their collection!


For crew builders, decorate your crew for the season! Three new Faceplates have been added to the crew shop: Full MoonSpider Web, and the Castle! These items are permanent, so collect them at your convenience.


Please feel free to join us on the Fan Forums for more information and to discuss this update.

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~ TOOP ~

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