Toxicity & Poison!

Hi Everybody!

We’re glad to finally be able to present the Toxic Pack!


There’s a great assortment of new blocks available to use, including the new Toxic Waste Liquid Hazard! This dangerous substance is so toxic that it will cause death immediately on contact, but if you have protection, you’ll be able to swim around freely!

In addition to this new pack, we also have the new Poison Effect! For so long, we’ve wanted to have a non-transferable curse, and that’s finally here! We also have the Skelly NPC now available for purchase to compliment the Toxic theme!

That’s not all, Slow has now been added to the Speed Effect! We’ve also made a tweak to the look of the Speed Effect to reflect this and make it clearer when speed is increased or decreased.

But wait, there’s more! Finally, we’ve added a new type of faceplate for crews in the form of the Checker Faceplate! We hope you’ll enjoy using this elegant new design presented by Toop.

Please feel free to join us on the Fan Forums for more information and to discuss this update.

See you in game, and be careful in there!

~ The Everybody Edits Team ~

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