Trial & Terror!

Hi Everybody!

Today, we’re launching the long-awaited sequel to the Perpetual Frustration campaign, Trial & Terror! This isn’t a challenge for the faint of heart though – It may well be the most extreme campaign to date.

We haven’t forgotten about the many of you out there with no interest in this campaign at all though, as we’ve also added the DRAGON SMILEY to the store! Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies with this epic new creature!

Green Dragon

We’re aware this is a smaller update overall, but we plan to launch a new pack within the next week! This new pack will most likely include a new type of hazard, some new effects, and at least one new NPC, along with new blocks and decorations!

In addition, we’d just like to give huge gratitude to everyone who has supported us on Patreon so far! Your support means a lot to us, and we’d like to thank every one of you who has joined us so far:

  • Brandon
  • Oxidizer
  • Matt
  • Bud1
  • Kank
  • Kosta89
  • Finbae
  • user1212121234
  • Pipec
  • UntunedMC
  • Taras10
  • Doh
  • Erick
  • XDS
  • JoeyC

We expect to reveal a lot more about our plans for Everybody Edits Universe soon and we have many more updates on the way!

See you in-game!

~ Everybody Edits Staff ~

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