Super Summer Sales, Smileys, Sci-Fi, & Starfish!

Hi Everybody!

It’s officially summer! We’ve got some blasts from the past, along with some new content thrown into the mix with today’s update!

To start with, the Summer Campaign is back, and with a brand new level to complete! Successfully beat this new level to unlock the Starfish NPC in the store!

Next, we have two lovely new smileys in the form of Baseball Cap and Golfer smileys! How have we gotten 8 years into the existence of Everybody Edits without including a standard baseball cap? Well, now we have it!

Separately to summer, we’ve expanded the Sci-Fi Block Pack to include green and yellow panels and lights:


Finally, we have the largest sale we’ve ever had in Everybody Edits, with an astonishing 11 summery items on sale! Grab them before Autumn arrives!

Feel free to discuss this update on the Fan Forums!

~ Everybody Edits Staff ~

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