NPCs For Everybody! New Campaigns!

Hi Everybody!

We wanted to break the boundaries and think outside the box with this update! You’ll see what I mean…

Meanwhile, NPCs are being released! We may still adjust the interface for them in future, but for now, everyone is able to get hold of their own little cuties hi!

We’re also launching even more NPCs, including the highly-requested straight-faced “Meh” NPC, along with the Knight, Cow, and the very special Froggy!

The Video Game 2 and Puzzle Pack 2 campaigns are now available for everybody as well! In addition, our talented Campaign Team has provided a campaign for all those veteran players out there who wish to relive their Everybody Edits childhoods in the form of the Nostalgia Campaign! *cue harp arpeggios*

Speaking of the Campaign Team, we have a new addition, and many of our community know him for his exceptional artistic creative level-building – It’s Ravatroll! He has assisted the staff on various projects for a number of years, including most notably the Tutorial Campaign, which we have also now extended with one new level to showcase many of the newer blocks from the past couple of years!

Finally, some of you may have spotted the central spike block we’ve added to complete the Spike Pack as well!

We hope you enjoy these additions, and see you in game!

For more information and to join the discussion, please visit the Fan Forums.

~ Everybody Edits Staff ~

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