Beta’s Back! NPCs, Sequels, & New Blocks!

Hi Everybody!

We’ve been working very hard on bringing you this epic update to the game!

hi! The biggest new feature we’ve incorporated is the brand new Non-Player Characters! These new action blocks can provide a little chat with smileys when you approach them. Interact with them when the little conversation bubble pops up by pressing “C”.

Although everyone is able to converse with these peeps, they do require some testing, so they’re only purchasable by players with Beta Access for the time being, and we’ll be aiming to launch them for everyone within the next two weeks.

In addition to this, another new feature we’re testing in Beta is the Campaign Unlock system, in which you have to complete a single or set of campaigns before unlocking an entirely new campaign. We’re starting simple though, so try to unlock the Video Game 2 and (finally) the Puzzle Pack 2 campaigns!

This update isn’t entirely for Beta players though, as we’re also introducing the Garden Pack, initially created by AzurePudding (& Team Puddato) for the Design Contest last year. We love this new pack, and hope you will as well!


As many of you know, Gosha recently joined our ranks as our newest member of staff, and he’s been working hard with ByteArray cleaning up things behind-the-scenes, which should result in a smoother playing experience for everyone!

For more information, and to join in the conversation, join us on the Fan Forums!

Have fun!

~ Everybody Edits Staff ~

3 thoughts on “Beta’s Back! NPCs, Sequels, & New Blocks!

  1. It would be cool if we could ask players questions with these NPCs and the players could reply to questions using quick chat. And have a response log in the commands

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