The Everybody Edits Long-Term Plan

Hi everyone!

My name is Chris Lamb, and I’m the new owner of Everybody Edits! I guess it was simply destined to return to someone named Chris.

As many of you may know, I’m a veteran player of EE, having played and built in it since 2010. I’m very passionate about the game, and have lots of ideas and plans for it going forward, so let’s launch into some of them, starting with the elephant in the room:

~ The Reboot ~

As I know most people would probably have just ignored most of this post to get to this part anyway, I figured I’d start with it! Our highly capable staff are looking into various options for how a rebooted version of the game might work. Joshua Stone (ByteArray) had this to say on the subject in his most recent Game Dev Log:

There have been a lot of discussions as far as the future of Everybody Edits within the team, and there’s a lot of stuff that I can’t really talk about just yet because, well, it’s not really decided – We’re just experimenting with different things. […] So I’m exploring what different options are there for an HTML5 version of the game, ‘cos it’s obvious there has to be an HTML5 version of the game in some form or another, whether it’s using Unity, exporting WebGl (which is HTML5), or coding something directly…

So there are a lot of exciting developments going on over plans for a full reboot of the game. We currently predict this will be ready for Beta Launch early into 2019, if not sooner! We don’t know at this stage what platform it will end up on, but we are exploring the most suitable and optimized options for widespread accessibility and performance, so everyone can enjoy the new version of the game! Who knows? Maybe we’ll even be able to produce an app…

~ 2018 ~

In the meantime, I’m sure you’d all like to know what’s to come for the current version of the game. We have plans of new content throughout the year, including a potential Lobby Overhaul, some massive changes to the Campaign System, and some cool new stuff for builders, some of which I’m pretty sure will pleasantly surprise you! Naturally, we’ll throw in the occasional new smiley for good measure. tongue

~ The Staff Team ~

We have a wonderful collection of people working on the game right now, split up into their teams:

Team Leaders:

  • Xenonetix – That’s me! Also known as Mega Lamb to many, I’ll be generally running the game, including managing all the teams, and leading the Campaign Team.
  • Showpath – Excelling at programming from multiple disciplines, Showpath will be leading our Development Team!
  • Kentiya – I’m sure many of you are aware of Kentiya’s exceptional graphical talents, so he’ll be leading our Graphics Team!
  • Phinarose – Having been a fantastic moderator for the game for almost a year now, I trust Phinarose to do an amazing job leading our Moderation Team!

Team Members:

  • ByteArray – Our newest developer, ByteArray is a great creative individual with some excellent concepts and ideas for the game, and we love having him on board!
  • LRussell – As the longest-running moderator, LRussell not only moderates the game, but also programs and maintains the software our moderators use, making life much easier for all of us!
  • Zoey2070 – The most community-focused of our team, Zoey2070 has proven herself to be a brilliant moderator, and is always excited to share her ideas and ambitions with the team!
  • Kirby – As a fellow EE veteran, Kirby has been an invaluable contributor to the team, coming up with great new plans for the future of the game and its community!
  • Master1 – A highly-respected member of the community, Master1 tries to find what the people really want to make sure enjoyment is elevated for everyone!

~ Support For The Future ~

We hugely appreciate any support you can give the game by purchasing gems. The funds will be put to good use to produce an epic reboot, and help us to advertise the game! We’re also considering launching a merchandise line, starting with Everybody Edits T-shirts! We don’t know exactly when this will happen yet, but we hope you look forward to this adventure into new beginnings as much as we do!

Hope to see you in-game soon!

~ Xenonetix & The Everybody Edits Team ~

If you have any questions, please feel free to join the discussion on the Forums!

5 thoughts on “The Everybody Edits Long-Term Plan

  1. nobodyismeabcdefghijkl says:

    Hey! is there any possibility for the game reboot to support 120 fps and higher?
    That would be awesome thank you!!

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