Happy New Year! Happy New Team!

Welcome to 2018 in Everybody Edits! We’re very pleased to be able to launch this special Winter Pack created by Latif after his team “Hooray” won the Contest Design Contest!

Along with the new pack comes the brand new Frozen Smiley, the new Snowflake Aura, and the new Teal Aura Color! Not only that, as we wave goodbye to the Christmas Campaign and the Advent Calendar, the Wintery Wonders Campaign is making a glorious comeback, including a brand new level made by Oray, where you can receive the new smiley!

Special thanks also go to Zyhrllos for his assistance with the recent Campaign Badges (Advent Calendar and Bittersweet), and the Snowflake Aura.

Next, it’s time to announce our new Staff Team!

First off, we have our Development Team, made up of:

  • Emalton
  • Priddle
  • TechnoWolf99

Then we have our Graphics Team:

  • Kentiya
  • Cola1

Not forgetting our Moderation Team:

  • LRussell
  • Zoey2070

And finally, our Campaign Team:

  • Xenonetix
  • Kirby
  • Master1

We will be expanding these teams soon, but in the meantime, please show them all the love that they deserve!

See you in game!

~ Everybody Edits Staff ~

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