The Official EE Advent Calendar 2017!

Season’s Greetings! We would like to proudly announce the launch of:

So, this is a campaign we’ve set up, so that every single day in December, from 1st to 25th, there will be a new tier added to this official Advent Calendar campaign! Each tier will include one reward, and don’t worry if you miss out on a day, as all previous days will still be available!

This campaign will showcase a huge variety of different types of levels, mostly that wouldn’t fit in other campaigns, or may be too small and short, but are just a bit of fun! There’ll be some puzzles, parkour, and presents as the calendar progresses through the month!

In order to achieve this, there are currently limited tiers to the campaign. The final tier will permanently be impossible to complete, until that magical Christmas Day rolls around. Each day, a new tier will be added just before this final tier, so the campaign will continue to grow throughout December!

If you’d like to kick this campaign off, you can start by completing a fun little wintery wonder in the form of SmittyW’s Icecapades!

Good luck!
~ The Everybody Edits Staff ~

3 thoughts on “The Official EE Advent Calendar 2017!

  1. Ehm Megalamb, I like this idea, but what about people that come online once in a while to see what’s new and then they have 1 day for 26 tiers (The 1st through 25th of december untill christmas and the bonus one) of which already 1 is strange (Day 3, btw got stuck in there), or will this be untill somewhere in January?

  2. It might be me, but tier 3 makes like -110% sense and I got stuck twice already. With that I mean a softlock because you didn’t see what was coming and all of a sudden you have to avoid a spike and then you get stuck. Please replace it because I want to beat the other tiers but I need a wikipedia page for that world.

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