The EE Official Design Contest!


Welcome to the first Everybody Edits Official Design Contest! This is the opportunity for everybody to have their own graphics used within the game!

Contest Summary

Here’s how this is going to work:

  • The winning teams will receive the prizes above, as well as the opportunity to permanently have their graphics officially added into the game!
  • You will be given a period of time to assemble or join an existing team, which can consist of as many as five members total.
  • The teams will be placed into their own respective crews, pre-prepared for the contest, following the registration deadline.
  • The crews will each be issued a single special 300×300 world at the beginning of the building stage, in which to build their world.
  • The crews will have 21 empty slots (7 foregrounds, 7 backgrounds, 7 decorations) which can have their graphics chosen by you!
  • The crews will be able to freely experiment with the slots any number of times, with their changes immediately reflected in the world.
  • The crews will be given the option, once approved by a moderator, to publicise their world in the lobby for all to experience during the judging phase.

You have until Sunday 1st October at 11:59pm UTC to sign up in your teams!

You can read more and sign up on the Everybody Edits Fan Forums. Good luck!

~ Everybody Edits Staff ~

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