Journey Campaign, Pack Expansions, and New Smileys!

August 2017 News Box

The long-awaited August 2017 update has finally arrived! We hope you’ll enjoy all the new goodies we’ve got lined up for you! Lion Smiley

First up, we have the brand new Journey Campaign, which is Easy in difficulty, and will reward you with the unique Thor smiley! As the creator of this campaign, I (Mega Thor Smiley Lamb) wanted to make sure that, due to the title, the whole thing would feel like a proper journey to reach new realms! You’ll see what I mean when you play it –

Next, we have three more new smileys! Two animal additions can be bought in the shop, and the new Cowgirl Smiley is free to everyone! Cowgirl Smiley
Special thanks to Cola1 for providing us with the new Raccoon smiley! Raccoon Smiley

Speaking of Cola1, we’d like to officially welcome him to the team as a new graphic designer, and we look forward to working with him to bring you even more epic stuff in future! As you may know, he’s also the artist behind the beloved Fox Smiley, and has now produced this new Cloud Pack Expansion:
Storm Clouds

In addition to this expansion, we felt other packs needed expanding too. We’ve taken feedback from the community, and made additions to the following packs:

– Industrial Pack – Added 1 Ladder, 2 Static Blocks, 2 Morphable Blocks, & 1 Morphable Decoration:
Industrial Pack

– Domestic Pack – Fixed current Pipe Decos to connect properly – Added LOTS more morphable pipes – Also added morphable picture frames:
Domestic Pack

– Construction Pack – Added extra Red Beam orientations, and 2 new decorations:

– Wild West Pack – Added 2 Pole Decorations:
Wild West

-Farm Pack – Added 1 Fence Decoration:
Farm Pack

We hope you enjoy this expansion to the game, along with several general bug fixes as well. We’ve also made improvements to the way the chat works in-game, and you can now use %Username% on your signs to capitalize the first letter of people’s usernames!

Thank you for your continued support in the community, and have fun!

~ The Everybody Edits Staff ~

P.S. If you have Beta, you now get access to the Beta Backgrounds!
Beta Backgrounds

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