Everybody Edits Announcement

Hey everyone!

We’ve been patiently waiting to make this announcement, and we’d like to let everyone know that the acquirement process has completed!
(A quick heads-up for those currently unaware: Everybody Edits was re-acquired by me as of April this year. Thank you, Nou!)

We are very excited to begin progress once again. In doing so, we fully intend to maintain transparency during the development process, with feedback guiding us along the way.

We are definitely looking forward to sharing our detailed plans in the upcoming weeks.
As with the changes in the near future, we would like to announce our newest additions to the team. I’d like to welcome Koya, MegaLamb and Phinarose!

Koya will be working alongside Toop, helping to develop and improve upon the designs and layouts, old and new within Everybody Edits.

Phinarose will be helping with moderation in place of Kira, as she is well respected and known in the community, and is capable of interacting with players in a friendly and respectful manner whilst also effectively dealing with in-game conflicts.

MegaLamb will be helping with moderation as well, with the patience and vigilance necessary to deal with the influx of reports, of which he meticulously described in his recent topic concerning the report system.

Thank you to everyone for being so patient. We’d love to hear your questions and comments, as well as address anything we may have missed here.

Feel free to reply below, and we’ll edit this post to reflect our replies!

The Everybody Edits Staff.

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