Christmas 2016 update!

Update – December – Merry Christmas Everybody Edits!

Christmas time is here again, which means loads of new gifts! First, let's unwrap three new toy smileys: the clockwork robot, teddy bear, and Christmas soldier.
Introducing more goodies for you all in the new Christmas pack! There are plenty of gifts to give in your worlds with five colors of half-block presents, topped off with bows. Also included are multi-colored stringed lights, a bell, hollyberries, and even an animated candle! All the decorations you need to get into the Christmas spirit!

Be sure to check out the new basic-easy Christmas campaign for holiday fun and games! Can you claim the Grinch and Scrooge smileys? Note: This campaign will be live on the 24th!

In unrelated news, we've added a new free smiley: the boy. Those of you who have already purchased the new years 2015 pack might also notice there's something else in the pack now, too…

6 thoughts on “Christmas 2016 update!

  1. How did it ever come to your mind, that it was a good idea to release the grinch smiley again?
    Everybody who had the grinch smiley was proud of it, it was a symbol of being a loyal player. Now it’s worth nothing. I hate not being able to swear here, because the re distribution of the grinch is the worst idea anyone could ever come up with.
    You guys just ruined x-mas for the loyal players, who have stuck with EE for a long time..

    • “Loyal players” don’t complain, either.
      The staff are aware of this issue and that’s why they added the Scrooge smiley, too.
      Most people were unhappy with the Grinch being a one time thing.

      • The scrooge smiley is also useless, almost everybody can obtain it easily.
        Those who were unhappy with the Grinch smileys are new players, if I was a new player I would do anything to get rare smileys too.

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