[Update] 16th of June – Summer 2016: Paradise in Everybody Edits!


This summer, the Everybody Edits staff introduces a large marina-themed package to add to your holiday collection.

Create a perfect summer paradise with wooden dock one-way platforms, brightly painted wooden planks and thatched rooftops. All of this is adorned with morphable flags, awnings and ice cream! Ice cream is as closest to winter we can get for those on the Southern Hemisphere!


Joining in on the festivities are three seasonal smileys: A rugged sea captain, soda clerk that serves cold refreshments, and a life guard to keep the docks safe.

All of these new summed-themed items are available until September 2016.

• Added a new world size: 200×400
• You can now add all blocks to the border. Note: blocks cannot be removed from border. This will be changed in the future.
• Fixed audio delay in drum sounds, re-tuned the piano sounds for a more crisp quality. Credits to Megalamb for fixing this!
• Added white variants of: Basic, Beta, Brick, Checker, One-Way, Basic Background, Brick Background, Normal Background, Checker Background and Dark Background


• Added system messages for toggling usernames and chat bubbles using keyboard combinations
• Added a “Close” button at the email confirmation screen. This way you can still log in if something goes wrong.
• Changed Pop-ups so they only show when the center of the player is standing inside the block
• Changed colourful packages so they’re ordered by colour
• Fixed a bug where note/drum blocks would show shadows when activated
• Fixed a bug where favourites and likes would show up in open worlds
• Fixed a bug where certain doors with text on them would glow a bit too much


I am happy to announce that we have added Kaslai to the team to speed up the Unity porting process. His further role in the team is yet to be determined, but he’ll around for at least the porting process.

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