Server moving

Hi guys,


As I’m sure some of you have noticed, there are some issues with EE’s stability right now. This is because Player.IO (the service EE is using) is moving servers. Some instability was to be expected. We’re not sure how long it takes for it to go back to normal, but it should be soon!

If you experience any issues with your account, don’t worry, it’s not deleted.

Keep checking back!

9 thoughts on “Server moving

  1. Nobody was on EE since you moved the PlayerIO server client. Everyone lost their loginstreak.
    My login streak was 256 days. I played an EE remake while u moved it. Thanks for you, now i lost my gigantic login streak.

  2. Nobody cares about the login streaks, they literally do nothing besides show how long you’ve wasted your life.

    They give the same reward every time.

    The only thing this update really effected was the downtime.
    Don’t blame Nou or Player.IO, blame yourselves for your ignorance.

    (Oh, yeah, and this update can like, give Nou way more control over EE…)

    • Login streaks don’t show how long I’ve wasted my life because playing Everybody Edits isn’t a waste of time, I think playing games and having fun isn’t a waste of time.

      Also I don’t blame myself, I blame Player.IO for making me lose my login streaks. I was more than sad when I noticed I lost my login streaks, I WAS DISAPPOINTED!

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