New moderators

Hey everybody! Today we’d like to introduce two new Moderators to you.

Considering the recent concerns that have been expressed on the forums about the current state of the moderation in the game, we feel it was indeed time to add new moderators to restore the proper ingame atmosphere. Two other moderators departed, and now two new ones are taking their place.

Here are the new Moderators:

Go to benje00’s account

I’m an 18 year old from the United States.  I first joined Everybody Edits in October of 2011 after googling “2d sandbox games”.  I’m more of a player than artist or minimaker.  I’ve completed almost every “pro” map including EX Crew’s Forgotten Veil, Spidey’s Abode, and Technological Terror.  I’m currently going to a local state college studying computer science.  My interests outside of EE are Rubik’s cubes, Counter-Strike, and playing piano.

Go to zioxei’s account

I’m a 17 year old from Poland. I’m just an average dude, nothing interesting. I want to finally make something for EE by participating in making it a better place for everyone.

We hope you like the new mods. If you have questions, please ask them at

See you in the worlds!
The Everybody Edits Team

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