[Update] 1st of April – Global switches & more

While we continue to develop the Unity version, here's a little something to keep you entertained wink

Global switches

Like keys, these orange switches affect everyone, and like switches, they can be turned on/off with a button! Note: these will be in beta for 2 weeks.


• New command: you can now use /save to instantly save your worlds!
• Gain the new Fanboy III smiley by collecting 100000 blue coins in one world!
• The chat now adds new messages more smoothly.
• Morphable blocks now have shadows.


Bug fixes

• Fixed a bug causing the subscribe button to overlap the subscriber count on crew profiles.
• Fixed a bug where signs would turn into ice blocks when replacing it while standing on it.
• Fixed a bug causing background colour to reset when changing world name. Again. Again. Again. Like, for realsies.

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