The Return of the Fanboy II !

A few days ago we received a very exciting postcard from someone who took a very long vacation. No, not MrShoe but the Fanboy II !


Postcard received late February

Okay, now the real story. After a considerable amount of requests of players, the Fanboy II is finally back and ready to be handed out if you manage to impress him with your art skills!

To receive the Fanboy II, you’ll have to send an email to and you’ll even have a chance of us putting your art on the blog!

Just like the old mods, we like real world art (no computer graphics like Paint, Gimp etc.), so take a picture of your Everybody Edits themed drawings, paintings, lego creations or crop circles (if someone allows you to destroy their crops) and send it in! Screenshots of Everybody Edits will NOT be accepted.

Don’t forget to add your username to the email so the fanboy knows who sent it!

See you in the worlds!
The Everybody Edits Team

8 thoughts on “The Return of the Fanboy II !

  1. i sent this picture on saturday for fanboy II but now on wednesday still not got it 😡
    please give me i sent it with my username on the drawning my username is mikelolsuperman go search a mail with a pic of a robot smiley and this under it :
    by: mikelolsuperman.
    it’s called fanboy II

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