Regarding Jawapa’s demodding

Jawapa has never had a good standing with the majority of the community due to unprofessional behaviour (aka mod abuse), of which I'm very much aware. Similarly, friction between Jawapa and other team members was a common occurrence, but nothing worth booting him for.
Until now.

Jawapa has been caught selling gems on the "black market". By generating gem coupons with huge amounts of gems and selling these gems in smaller portions to people directly, he has been stealing money from the game.

Gems created by one of Jawapa's alt accounts:

A great amount of gems purchased from illegitimate gem codes, more on the other pages.

In an effort to cover his steps, he renamed several accounts, created others, and spread the gems among these accounts, hoping we wouldn't find them. Allegedly, he spread the gems also as a safety precaution in case he got kicked.

Deleting the account:

He even manually renamed accounts to the same name to make them harder to find.
As a result, Jawapa has been removed from staff, has all access disabled, and has been permanently banned from the game, effectively immediately.

Breaking trust hurts, but so does karma.

3 thoughts on “Regarding Jawapa’s demodding

  1. martenstruijk says:

    Good disicion to kick him. Some people behave weird when they get too much power. Hope this wont happen again.
    Also mabey this was the best way to get him kicked if there was always friction between you guys… :/

    – MartenM

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