Winter Time in Everybody Edits

Hi guys!

It has been a while since the last update, but here is our Christmas present, from the Everybody Edits Staff to you! Enjoy this big, wintery update, packed with new content and game streamlining!





• Arctic pack
– 5 blocks
– 2 backgrounds

• Ice block
A slipperyice block with its own slippery physics! Smoothly glide over the ice. The ice block will be in BETA for a while for some proper testing.

• New Year’s Deco pack
– Balloons
– Strings/streamers
– Fancy wine glass
– Champagne bottle

• Double jump



The long-awaited, highly-requested block is finally here! Jump twice, jump midair! Not only that, this block is morphable, and it can be set to 2, 1, or even 0 jumps! The double jump will also be in BETA to be tested until further notice.

• Reset block



Reset all progress in that world (coins, deaths, effects, etc.) without having to rejoin! With this, The Memory Game of the Puzzle Pack 1 campaign has finally been fixed, too.

• Slow dot



A larger dot, which is as slow as ladders/vines.

• Added 2 neon backgrounds



• Renamed and expanded the “Special” pack: it’s now called “Generic”, and has two extra blocks.



• Extended amount of available colors of one-way blocks from 4 to 9
They have also been changed in looks to clearly show their passable directions. This was an issue with half block tunnels.





• Music blocks
Heavily extended the amount of piano keys.
The sounds have been replaced with more clear and professional-sounding ones. It is now a full 88-key piano, going from 1 octave to 8.





• Extended the amount of drum sounds
The drum sounds have also been replaced with more clear and professional-sounding ones. A ride, ride bell, four toms, an additional 2 hi-hat sounds, and a cowbell have been added as well!
Note the stereo panning for both the piano and the drums!





User Interface


• New block bar
Based on your feedback gathered on the forum we’ve created a few new styles for your block bars, customizable to your liking. The size has been decreased significantly to create more space in the screen. To do this, we have started working with tabs with different blocks. Press the TAB button to scroll through the tabs quickly. In addition, we have added a few nifty features:



– Search function
Press F to start searching for specific blocks, or search for their descriptions for a broader search! Thanks again to everyone from this thread who helped tagging.

– Hide names of packs
Toggle whether you want to see the name of each pack.

– Collapse mode
Show only 1 block of each pack, click on it to see all blocks of that pack.

• New smiley and aura customization menu
Add your favorite smileys to the smiley hotbar, search for smileys (tag searching coming soon!), choose your aura shape and colour, all in the same menu!



• Improved world settings menu



• Settings in-game
You can now edit your settings in-game, no need to return to the lobby anymore.

• Usernames now show up bold in chat

• Added autocomplete support when typing in an addressee when sending a mail

• You are now presented with the option of subscribing to a crew when beating a world.

• You are now presented with a list of pre-selected options for reporting.
You can select “Other” to file a custom report. Reporting now shows list of reasons when not to report. Reporting for the listed reasons is considered report abuse  and will result in a warning or even a ban.



• Hiding a world now properly hides it from crew profiles

• You can now view your own crew powers

• Your profile now shows which crews you’re in

• Disbanding a crew now deletes it completely.
This means you can add the worlds to new crews again. All disbanded crews are deleted upon entry of a relevant crew world.




• New aura system
We are planning on adding new shapes and colors on a regular basis. Sticking with the current system would mean having to buy another color for each new shape, going into the hundreds easily. Therefore, you can now purchase shapes and colors separately. Purchasing a shape allows you to use it in all colors you already own, and purchasing a color allows you to use it on each shape. We are kicking off with two new things:

– New aura shape: Ring, also called “Torus”
– New aura color: Cyan
– The former Builders Club aura shape “Pinwheel” is now available to everyone.

• Domestic pack is now out of beta and available for purchase to everyone!

• Progress restore out of beta
Disconnected in a campaign world? Accidentally pressed “Go to lobby”? This is no longer an issue; restoring progress is now available to everyone!

• Beta-only for new campaigns
New campaigns will now be temporarily be in beta to ensure traps/exploits can be fixed before being released to the public

• New world options: Toggle showing minimap
– World: Toggle whether users can see the minimap inside the world.
– In lobby: Toggle whether users can see the minimap from the lobby.

• Added two new faceplates
– Code
– Tile

• Added some cute snow particles to the lobby

• The reset command now allows you to reset a single player by using “/reset X”. To reset everyone, use /resetall

• The /killemall command is now used as /killall

• Scheduled updates
When announced, you can now see when an update will when you join a world. You will no longer be spammed by the system.

• Slightly altered autumn and fog decorations

• /reset now resets crowns, completion status, and smileys received from blocks.

• Guest improvements
– Guests are now greeted with a message about how the chat works.
– Guests can now see chat, but can’t chat unless registered.

Bug fixes


• Fixed badges not loading on profiles (attempt #3).
• Fixed a bug causing dismissed news items to re-appear (attempt #2).
• Fixed a bunch of bugs related to half blocks and physics arrows/boosts.
• Fixed a bug causing text in mails not to be selectable.
• Fixed a causing text to blur in mini alert pop-ups.
• Fixed a bug causing having the levitation effect to bounce players from the floor.
• Fixed a bug with the customization of crew profiles showing up without the appropriate rights.
• Fixed a bug with name highlighting; “nou:hello” without a space now also highights the name.
• Fixed a bug causing a login streak to end due to different timezones.
• Fixed a bug with the text color of the “Customize Profile” button on the crew profile page.
• Fixed a UI bug causing chat to overlap the login button while playing as guest.
• Fixed a bug causing the unlocked block selector to hide when chatting.
• Fixed a bug with the /help command
• Fixed a bug in which you would get stuck in empty spaces with boosts.
Indicated with red in the picture below



• Fixed a bunch of exploits/traps in the following campaign maps:
– NC Naos Antediluvian
– Technological Terror
– Spidey’s Abode
– Persian Peril
– Slip Slide Ride
– Water Levels
– Haka’s House of Fun

3 thoughts on “Winter Time in Everybody Edits

  1. why not more comands or more “troll posibilities” like a background block? I thinked on a command that makes all block a background and can be OFF and ON for making better things or better trolls 🙂

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