Long list of bug fixes

A huge list of bug fixes! Some priority bugs have already been implemented but not yet listed before.
Keep reporting bugs on the Bug Reports forum section.

Also, the Kongregate app is back in business!


  • The subscriber count now works on the crew profile
    Note: all subscriptions have been cleared to make this work, please subscribe to your favourite crews once more!

  • Fixed crew profile redirecting

  • The crew tab now has a scroll bar to scroll through the members list

  • Assigning a member to a new rank no longer causes the game to load permanently

  • Added a scroll bar to the pending list under the crew tab

  • Fixed a bug where one would appear to be in a crew they're not part of when switching accounts

  • Fixed a bug where usernames would show up as pending after accepting a crew invite

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't be in two different crew worlds at the same time

  • Fixed an issue where new crew members couldn't be invited

  • Fixed an issue where beta worlds didn't show up on crew profiles


  • Adjusted anti-cheat data to be more accurate and reduce false positives

  • Campaign worlds are now sorted to be always on the bottom

  • Fixed an issue where all worlds would show up as campaign

  • Fixed an issue with difficulty indication variation in campaign mode

  • Fixed a bug where the images of the Puzzle Pack 1 campaign didn't load

  • Fixed an issue with not receiving god mode after beating one's own campaign world


  • The news tab now has a scroll bar

  • The news tab now shows a notification when there is a new news item

  • Kongregate users no longer have their lobby cut off

  • Profiles and crew profiles are now aligned properly in standalone mode

  • Fixed an issue where going full screen would cause havoc

  • Fixed the image size of badges in the Player Action Menu

  • Fixed the aligning of badges in the Player Action Menu

  • Fixed the border colour of staff alerts

  • Fixed an issue where clicking "Show my codes" would show 2 pop-ups


  • Corrected faceplate shop previews

  • Added missing zombie doors/gates images to zombie effect in the shop

  • Fixed an issue where worlds didn't show up in the shop

  • Fixed an issue with buying crew items after switching crews


  • Restored the New Years 2010 smiley to its former glory

  • Banned users can no longer buy items from the shop

  • Shift + click now opens worlds in a new tab when clicking from profiles

  • Your beta world (not Beta Only) world now shows on your profile

  • Corrected the kick message when trying to cheat

  • Corrected typo: "Spectating not allowed int this world"

  • Fixed an issue where stackable action items couldn't be bought

  • Fixed an issue where private profiles couldn't be closed

  • Fixed a bug where friends didn't load in the friends list

  • Fixed an issue where beta worlds didn't show up under the "mine" tab

  • Fixed team icons and Builder's Club icons incorrectly aligning in the user list

  • Fixed an issue with rejected friend requests coming back when refreshing the friends tab

  • Fixed an issue with getting stuck on the loading screen when trying to join worlds on different tabs

  • Fixed an issue where admins/mods would show as green/white

6 thoughts on “Long list of bug fixes

  1. I found a bug…my sister was sending me a friend request, and when I went to accept it, something else was there: “GUEST-1 would like to be your friend.” If I click Reject, it pops up again next time the friends list is up. Same thing happens if I block, though GUEST-1 is still shown on my block list. I did manage to accept my sister’s friend request, but GUEST-1 is still showing up. If I click Accept, it says: “Sorry, the friend request does not exist anymore.” I don’t know why this is happening, but it’s weird!

  2. So how long till i start earning stuff for completing the word? and get to unlock new ones? like hey i know your trying to make money with the beta but sadly only a few got money to invest in a game so unknown everything should basically be free. so when is the people that control this going to actually let everyone enjoy the campaigns ? Im guessing probably not any time soon

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