Everybody Edits 2.0 is here!


Hey guys,
It’s finally here! Everybody Edits 2.0 has arrived! Check out all the new stuff!



Some parts of this update are in beta. This means that beta members only have access to these features to test them. For now, we have set the beta for these features to at least the 20th of September. Depending on the amount of bugs, we may extend this period! Don’t want to wait? Become a beta member by purchasing it in the shop.


Earn energy, blocks, smileys, gems, and increase your maximum energy by playing campaign mode!
Campaign mode permanently features worlds made by users, grouped together by difficulty and certain themes. The difficulty varies as followed:


This way, there’s something for everyone: a relaxed stroll through a level or a serious challenge that can take hours to beat!
Check the video preview about campaign mode. Note, the terms have been updated a bit!


Where can I play campaign mode?
In the lobby you will see a button that says “Campaigns”. Click it to get started.

For now, Campaign Mode is beta-exclusive; if you don’t have beta, buy beta access in the shop to play right away, or wait until it is released for everyone.

In addition to the rewards mentioned above, there’s a little extra. Want to prove you’ve beaten that incredibly difficult campaign? Now you can! By beating a campaign you will unlock a badge for that campaign as a token of proof to show off to everyone! It will show up on your profile as well as the Action Menu (explained below).

Badge of the Endurance campaign.


Because we’re dealing with real rewards here, trying to cheat in Campaign Mode will result in a direct ban!

Your worlds and campaigns
If your world gets added to a campaign, it has some consequences for your world. You can read all about it in our user agreement:

Where is my world for the campaigns?!
While campaign mode is still in beta, we are releasing only 1 campaign per difficulty, so if we’ve approached you for your map, it may not be in yet, but it will be! Please don’t edit your map in the meantime.

Future campaigns
We will keep adding new campaigns to the game. Of course you’re wondering, how do I get my map to be part of a campaign? Worlds within a campaign have a similar theme and difficulty level, so rather than suggestion separate maps, if you want to suggest something, suggest complete campaigns. Check the Campaign suggestions forum section to suggest your campaigns. Make sure you read the guidelines!




We proudly present: the Crew System. Working together is what makes Everybody Edits, so would like to support this. So what is the Crew System?



You can make your own crew by buying the “Create crew” item in the shop. From there on, you can invite people and start working together. You can be in up to 10 crews at the same time with a maximum of 25 members per crew, owning a maximum of 3 crews. Note, for now, crews cannot be deleted so make sure you choose your name carefully! Because the system is new and crews already existed prior to this we will assist in making sure the right people claim the right crew names. If issues arise, contact an admin or mod. About the crews themselves, being in a crew together has a few nifty advantages:

Crew worlds
You can add a world to become part of a crew. Once this is done, the world will display the crew in addition to the world owner, and crew members automatically get edit rights when joining this world! There are a few things that tie in here…

Custom crew ranks/powers
Create and name your own custom ranks within for a crew, with a choice of the following powers:
1: Automatic edit rights in crew worlds
You can create a custom rank to give members the power to receive edit rights in crew worlds automatically.

2: Editing crew world options (saving, name, etc)
If you have been given the permissions, you can change the name and save the crew world, despite it not being your world. This way crew members can keep working on the map without the world owner having to be there.
Furthermore, you can edit the status of Crew Worlds:

  • A: WIP: World is under construction. Only crew members can join.
  • B: Open: World is accessible by everyone, crew members with the required powers can still save it.
  • C: Released: World is accessible to everyone, and only world owner can save the world.

Note: once set to Released, the world status cannot be changed anymore.

3: Editing crew logo world
Make a logo for your crew! See the Crew profile section below.

4: Buying stuff for the crew
There is a ton of stuff you can buy for your crew. In order to be able to contribute to your crew, you must be given the permissions to buy stuff for your crew. Note: you need a minimum of 260 maximum energy to be able to buy stuff for crews.

5: Managing crew worlds
Adding crew worlds can be done with this power. Note, you cannot remove a world from a crew!

6: Managing members
With the member management power you can invite new members, kick existing ones, and switch the existing ranks of members.

7: Managing ranks
Managing ranks means creating new custom ranks, choosing powers for these ranks, as well as naming them.
Crew profile
You can show off all your crew’s worlds on your crew profile! Even better, you can customize your crew profile to really show off your crew by buying customization options in the shop. Start customizing by clicking your crew name in the lobby, then click “customize”.

If wish to divide your crew worlds into categories, buy these dividers to add them!

Crew logo world
Make your own logo for your crew! Buy a Crew Logo World in the shop. Keeping the style of the game, it’s a 100×100 world in which you can build the logo for your crew using normal blocks. The minimap will show up on your crew profile to serve as the logo. Click on your crew logo in the customization menu to enter it and start editing!

Descriptions for members
Want to say something about your crew members? Unlock this option by purchasing it in the shop. Maximum of 100 characters.

Profile colors
Customize your crew profile heavily by changing its colors! Unlock the option to change the border color and the background color of your crew profile by purchasing it in the shop to really stand out! If you’re not happy with the selected colors, you can change them again by purchasing a color change in the shop.

For the ultimate customization, add faceplates to your crew profile. Choose a faceplate in the shop for awesome patterns to really finish off your slick-looking crew profile.
Subscribing and alerts
You can subscribe to crews on their crew profile. The crew owner can send alerts to its subscribers to notify them that they’ve released a new world, a bot level is going to be active, need testers, etc!



Mail system

Coming soon!

Add friends by username

You can now add friends by using their username! No longer do you need their email addresses with email confirmation codes that don’t work half the time! Not only that, this is also an improvement on security because less information is shared.
To be sure you don’t get spammed with invites, you can choose to block all invites in the Settings menu.

Daily login rewards

Note: for beta members only at first!
You are now rewarded with a little bit of extra energy each day you log into the game. Keep coming back to increase your reward, don’t miss a day! Play every day for a week to receive a gem, or even more! Check the overview of rewards:
ixO9uVY.png5HYh09m.png ixO9uVY.png 5HYh09m.png ixO9uVY.png
Day 0           +10 energy
Day 1           +25 Energy
Day 2           +50 Energy
Day 3           +75 Energy
Day 4           +100 Energy
Day 5           +150 Energy
Day 6           +200 energy
Day 7           +1 Gem
Day 8-13      Repeat day 1-6
Day 14         +2 Gems
Day 15-27    Repeat day 1-6
Day 28         +3 Gems
ixO9uVY.png5HYh09m.png ixO9uVY.png 5HYh09m.png ixO9uVY.png


Email verification

To make sure you can recover your account if it gets lost, creating new accounts now require email confirmation. When registering, a confirmation code will be sent to your email; you will need the code to activate your account, so make sure it’s a working email!

Settings tab

In the lobby you will now see a cog icon next to the shop; this is your settings menu. We’ve heavily expanded the options you can customize!



Enable particles
Enable/disable some fancy animations ingame. Note: enabling this can cause some performance issues on slower computers.


Green on minimap:
Toggle whether see you yourself as green on the minimap.

Enable block picker:
Do you like working quickly by using the block picker, but you want to do boss levels as well? Turn the block picker on or off here.

Enable AZERTY keys:
For the AZERTY keyboard layout users among us only. Many keyboards don’t support multiple keypresses like left+up+space, which can make difficult worlds a lot harder. This can be solved by using WASD instead; because W+A+space usually does work. However, some users have a different keyboard layout, so by enabling AZERTY keys, you can use ZQSD to resolve the issue.

9fhSsQF.jpg vs. y32MNRe.jpg

Minimap transparency:
Enable a custom amount of minimap transparency, up to 90%. This way you can work on your art pieces art without blocking the a part of your screen.

Word filter
Just like the old setting, enable or disable the word filter. Note: while we don’t encourage swearing, occasionally slipping is acceptable. However, insulting, harassing or bypassing the word filter isn’t! Respect the ones who like to keep the word filter enabled.

Hide usernames
Toggle whether you see the users’ usernames in the playscreen.

Hide chat bubbles
Toggle whether you see chat bubbles in the playscreen.

Show profile
Toggle whether other users can see your profile.

Block friend invites
Toggle whether users can send you friend invites.

Select smiley & aura
Select what smiley and aura to use ingame.

Current badge
Select which badge to display when people click your username on the user list, show off your skills!

Player action menu

A fancy term for a major UI improvement. Rather than typing complicated commands, you can now click a user in the userlist to open a window with a list of actions you can perform. Of course, you can keep using the commands as well. Your badge is also displayed here.



Non-invasive pop-ups

To smoothen the user experience, increase visibility of alerts, and to reduce the amount of clicks while playing, we have improved the pop-ups to automatically fade:



Likes and favorites

Woots have been replaced by Likes and Favorites.

How do “Likes” and “Favorites” work?
The system works similar to YouTube. On the top right in a level and in the lobby you will see the amount of Likes/Favorites a world has. You can “Like” a world, and you can “Unlike” it. You only get to spend 1 Like per level, ever, making it much more meaningful than woots.


Similarly, you can “Favorite” a world, which means you will also be able to keep track of all your favorite worlds and find them again easily in the lobby.
When Liking/Favoriting a world, no notification will be displayed in chat. We want it to be meaningful, and liking (and then sneakily unliking!) a world to get edit rights is not a display of quality, which is what this system is for.

What does this mean for my worlds?
Woots will go and Likes and Favorites will take its place. This means your woots are no longer displayed and everyone has a fresh start.

But I like woots! Why are they being replaced?
As posted before: Currently, woots are completely meaningless. Anyone can theoretically spend an infinite amount of woots on a level, either by coming back each day, rejoining or even using extra accounts. People woot to get edit rights, woot to get “gold” in a bot level, woot to announce them leaving the level, or simply woot because they have 10 of them and they don’t know what to do with them.
Because of this, woots aren’t rare in any way and therefore this “currency” is meaningless. Woots were meant to be a display of quality, to praise a world, but when it was first implemented it missed the mark due to its design. Therefore, woots are being replaced with “Likes” and “Favorites”.


To allow for more creative freedom, the smiley size has been increased from 16x16px to 26x26px. Some subtle changes have been made to current smileys to make use of this change. This doesn’t affect the gameplay (the hitboxes remain the same) in any way.
Of course, there are a few new smileys!


Cat: Have a fondness for felines? Then this smiley is for you!
Graduate: Celebrate educational success with this smiley.
Sombrero: Ready for a fiesta? Get this smiley in a traditional wide brimmed hat!


New blocks: Environment Pack.
Start building the great outdoors with these five natural blocks and backgrounds!
5 blocks and 5 backgrounds.


Improved the looks of some blocks:
• Cake 2Zj9pld.png to h3Kqc44.png
•Boosts DovmlNd.png to c2lowiZ.png
•Trophy ZT2m6Lb.pngto KQuKrqY.png
•Swamp bubble decoration animation
•Grass: the ledges have finally been fixed! CvvjdPX.png to  PqtrGfT.png


The shop has had a complete overhaul to be more user-friendly. It is now easier to find what you’re looking for and spending energy has been made much easier: you can now purchase an item with 1 click by pressing “All”. This will buy you only 1 of the items, so don’t worry about accidentally buying 20 spawns. If you don’t have enough energy to buy an item, it will add all your remaining energy.

You will also find two new tabs: the crew tab and the services tab. Under the services tab you will also find a two new items:

Gem codes
Want to gift someone something? Now you can! You can convert your gems into gem codes in the shop. You can always find them back by clicking the “show my codes” button.

Name change
For 50 gems, you can now change your username. Note, you can only do this once, so choose your name carefully!.

After buying the item and choosing a new username you will be logged out. Log back in again to complete the process. Your previous username will stay on your profile:



  • New command: /givegod: this allows players to enter/exit godmode, but without edit rights.
  • Command change: /godon. To prevent confusion with /givegod, /godon has been renamed to /forcefly. It functions completely the same.
  • Instructions in home world
    A few system messages now show up when first joining your Home World to help new users get started.
  • Clicking a world on a profile now opens the word in a new tab/window
  • A message now shows up when trying to spectate in a world in which spectating has been disabled
  • Maximum simultaneous accounts per IP has been limited to 5
    With the alert system in place, account bombing is no longer necessary. Therefore you can be at only 5 accounts online at the same.
  • Admins/mods are no longer invulnerable to /kill
  • Your own worlds now only show up in the room list when sorting on “MINE”
  • The cursor now changes to the “hand icon” on all buttons on the block bar for consistency.
Bug fixes
  • Chatting quickly no longer ignores first input
  • Users given godmode before another using joining no longer appear to be teleporting
  • /Reset now also resets team
  • The edit right message can no longer be spammed
  • Spamming backspace/enter no longer triggers chat limit
  • Fixed a typo for the /teleport command error message: plese/please.

This day marks a new milestone in Everybody Edits; it’s the biggest update it has ever seen, in the sense of content but also the impact of the content. It affects the way the game is played while staying true to the core of the game. I hope this shows our love for the game and that you guys stay with us, and follow us into a bright future of the game. We have many more major plans for the game.
We started working on this update right after the last one at the 21st of June. This means we’ve spent almost 2 months working on this, some of us every day, especially towards the end we spent hours a day working on this, and I mean early morning till late midnight. As a relatively new team this was quite an adventure, but I think it has paid off, and I can honestly I’m proud of the teamwork, and of course of the results. So thanks guys smile

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  1. What can I do if I already have an account under the name I want mine changed to? Even if changing the name on the first account then on my main account would work (which I don’t think would) that’d cost me $10 instead of $5. After countless messages to the admin team I got no response 😦

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