Hi guys, I’d like to start off with the following: DON’T. EVER. GIVE. AWAY. YOUR PASSWORD. TO ANYONE. EVER. Ok? Ok, now for the actual post. It has recently come to our attention that there’s a lot of phishing going on. What’s phishing you ask? Simply put, someone tries to gain your trust to steal your sensitive information. In the case of Everybody Edits, people are pretending to be (secret) admins/mods and use some excuse to ask for your password. For example: ExampleExample2 If you give away your password, they will steal your account and abuse it. So don’t do it! The staff will never, ever, ask for your passwords, so don’t give them out to anyone! These are people trying to “hack” you. If someone sends you a PM like this, report them using the  /report command with a link to the PM chat history. For anyone attempting this, this is a serious offence, you will be IP banned if you attempt this, and possibly have all your accounts deleted. Also, there is no such thing as secret mods, so don’t listen to anyone saying they are. If you’re in doubt whether you’re talking to a staff member, the staff members’ name ingame will be yellow/gold or purple. Also, the list of staff members can be found here: Also, DON’T. EVER. GIVE. AWAY. YOUR PASSWORD. TO ANYONE. EVER. NOT OUTSIDE OF EE EITHER! Stay safe The Everybody Edits team


  1. purge2202 says:

    For actual discussions, start one on the forum ( ); a blog isn’t the ideal format for that”

    Posted by Nou on July 14, 2015 at 10:42 am

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