2015 Summer EXCLUSIVE pack!

Today is the 21st of June, which means it’s officially summer! (Ok that was yesterday but shhh!)
Time to kick it off with the…
2015 Summer EXCLUSIVE pack!


This pack is only available for energy from today until the 1st of August 2015!

This pack features:
– A new orange aura, regular and Builders Club!
– 5 new decorations: summerdecos
– Two new smilies:
– The tourist smiley tourist
– The sun-burnt smiley sunburnt

Of course we also had to add a few fixes.


Block picker
– Selecting blocks and backgrounds while holding down a number key now always only requires 1 click.
– You can now assign blocks to the 0 key.

– Made the phrasing of the world options consistent.
– Re-ordered a bunch of blocks/backgrounds on the block bar to make them consistent with the rest.
– Morphable blocks now show up as “morphable” instead of “rotatable”.
– The “ladders” category has been renamed to “climbable”

– Fixed an issue where guests were spammed to register to be able to chat when resizing the window.
– Fixed a silly typo in the guest lobby (costum–>custom).
– Fixed guest side buttons overlapping the minimap button.

– Increased the chances of getting a magic coin a bit more.
– Not having chat now also disables PMing whomever you like.
– Added a word filter to user creation.
– Using the teleport command now says *SYSTEM* instead of *WARNING*.
– Polished the beige brick background.


This is not the big thing we keep hyping yet, but there’s nothing wrong with spoiling you a little bit 😉

6 thoughts on “2015 Summer EXCLUSIVE pack!

  1. Hey, guys, do you think it is possible to add new smilies (a smiley pack + i dunno, maybe a habitats pack) for animals? I mean, we have some, like fox, dog, and cow, but it would be cool if we had horse, or wolf, or unicorn, dragon, etc. Thank you for considering my stupid ideas ^_^

  2. Hello. I have a few ideas:

    -Crown door/gate. Door opens and gate closes when you have the crown.
    -Increase the maximum cap of the zombie/curse time. No offense; 1 min is near not enough to what I am planning to do in my world.

  3. i know im mean and weird sometimes, but why don’t you do another smiley contest? ( maybe a themed contest, like animals, random, celebration thing, ) it would be awesome, but maybe registering by comenting here on the blog, because not everybody can join the EEforums… -Eminem

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