Let’s have a talk

Hey guys,

As you may have noticed, EE has undergone some major changes on several levels, of which its staff is one.
While I’m sure you guys know most of us by name, we’ve been receiving many questions about who we actually are, what it is like being part of the staff, and especially,  what we actually do for EE; we want to make this clear.  Because we like being part of the community as much as any other player, I’ll start off by providing an overview of the staff, some basic personal details, and the role of each respective member. After that, I’ll provide some insight into our vision of the game, list things you can expect from us and what we expect from you, and finally, answer the legendary question of “pls caen i be mod how 2bcme mod?”. I hope you’re in for a long read.

Click here to see the full post.

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