Cave Business

A lot of content means a lot of bugs, so after the Effect blocks update, here’s the second round of bug fixes, together with some new content 🙂

– Cave background blocks!
Super dark cave backgrounds in 8 awesome colors! Buy them in the shop for 500 energy.

– Custom limits!
You can now add a custom amount of maximum active curses/zombies! You can edit this under world options,   use 0 for no limit!
– There is now a limit of 140 characters.
– You can create a new line by adding \n on signs

– Effect blocks
Effect blocks no longer show up on the minimap.

-Coin doors
Blue coindoors now show as blue on the minimap

-Icy one-ways
Reverted the icy properties back to normal. They will return, most likely in a different form.


-/reset and /loadlevel now also remove fly/jump/speed/zombie/curse effects from users.
– You can now teleport users in god mode.
– You can no longer send PMs to users you muted.


– Text from signs are now on top of chat bubbles/players.
– Added a new loading screen.

Bug fixes

– Fixed a bug with rejoining the same level through world portals.
– Jump spamming through effect enable/disable blocks now correctly enables/disables correctly.
– Fixed a bug where you couldn’t jump while on a protection disable block with a dot on top.
– FIxed a bug with slipperiness transferring to mud/water

– You can now change aura when given /godon
– Fixed a bug where users would appear to be on fire/dying all the time.
– Dying and respawning now instantly snaps the camera to your smiley.

– Clicking the profile button in the user list no longer requires surgical precision.
– Team icons now properly align in the user list
– Clicking on world portals in the block bar no longer blocks off the rest.

– World descriptions can no longer bypass the word filter.
– World descriptions can no longer be a bunch of new lines, blocking the entire lobby.
– Backgrounds used with /bgcolor now shows correctly on profiles/lobby previews.

– Fixed an image in the shop showing incorrect wording on zombie blocks.
– Fixed a typo in the shop (desease > disease).
– Fixed a bug where a yellow border would pop up when trying to redeem gems.
– Fixed a bug where the browser back button would show a long list of the same links.

We really wanted to fix this:
– Fixed a bug where you could get stuck in a corner with boosts.
But it turned out to be much, MUCH more complicated than anticipated . It has been keeping back the rest of the patch for a week already, so for now we want to launch these fixes while working on a proper fix (without side effects!) for the boost corners.

We’re aware there are more bugs left, but one at a time. Still, keep reporting those bugs (preferably in the bug report section) to help us keep track of anything in need of fixing.

11 thoughts on “Cave Business

  1. I was ripped off. The zombie effect says “including doors and gates”. I bought the zombie effect. What do I get? Well, I get the zombie effect, but nothing else! Why do I have to buy the zombie doors / gates separately from the actual effect?

  2. ideas: godon permissions which means they are allowed too do any without edit and edit permissions without godon / if earned both then get both for the certain time (will be half of both except it is forever time) and have a /godon /godoff button for (time) too including /godon(+pa) gives permission add and /godoff(+po) removes permissions for a certain time too. This will include edit. /giveedit(+pa) means permission for that time /giveedit(po) removes including that certain time. mixed a bit but match please all.
    another idea: give team to the person color like matching givecrown, like /giveteam or /gt and then /gt(shortfirstletterofcolor-ex:b=blue) and /gr to remove the team. or /giveteam(color) or /giveteam(colorfirstletter)…Including time for these too for colors.
    Another idea(partialish) shorten give crown to /gc but still allow first, and /gc (time) /givecrown (time) and /givecrown (person) (withintime) and if wanna add another after time, /givecrownad(first,secondtimedonewithintime) do not include ( ) though. like /gcad heyimcool16 2hr and if no time is on, it will be permanent till anoher person gets it.
    another idea: matches godon hardly but only able to turn on a certain color for a time. like blue, yellow or white… for a time using /godon(thefirstshown)(time) but different like /godon(firstshown)(time)(color)(time) like /godonpa1hrblue45m nitroblast which makes them use the color for that time and for the rest 15 minutes, they can just choose any except more is added + /godonpa1hrblue45mgreen15m like this. + adding a short for the first letter of the color again.
    another idea(smallish): earn a blue energy with 5 gems that is worth 250 energy, including can be earned by collecting 1 magic smiley and then a magic energy 1+-any and then you get it. if you have all magic smileys we will give experience for it and do the percentage for the new one. – new topicish
    another idea: the experience for the next smiley you get will be 1 energy magic (5) or 5 energymagic(1) if reach 10 skip 2 smileys of it, 25 or 50 if it exists skip 3 100+ if it exists skip all of them, even if a 7th exists. ignore the energy thing of 25 50 and 100 if those do not exist and 10 energy magic thing will be that instead. OR you can play ee for 3 months to unlock possibilitys to get them. This may not be possible though… The experience to get the next smiley will be shown at the screen you choose the worlds. if possible, also try to make contest minigames or something for experience without energy, if you reach 25% you fill 25 energy automatically 50% fills 75 75% fills 100 100% fills 125 and gives you +1 energy (20% exp at start) after wiz to make it challenging a bit. Note: you will probally ignore certain parts of this idea.
    small idea: the outside of where you choose the worlds should have a bg, its standard. its hard to realize but change the bg black to like something else, or atleast for the people that have 204+ energy max…
    small idea: make a 350×350 world too and those, I haven’t seen a update for those. and I am including making 25×25 space worlds, 160×50 spaceworlds and more… because certain things are just set… only 1 space world :L
    That is almost all my ideas I can think for now

  3. Help me please. My EE screen that is shown when i play, has somehow gone smaller so it cuts off the bar at the bottom where I can chat, woot etc. Please help me and tell me how to get it back! I have a windows computer if that helps…

  4. hey creators if you read this can you please tell me and i have been laying this since 2011 and i have always hoped that you would put in a cartoon smiley and a cartoon blocks pack, i mean like them being drawn. if you read this please put it into considaratio because it sounds really cool and if you put them in the game could you say that it was inspiered by me my username is: halo3odst and good look on the game.;D

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