Super Effective!

Effect blocks

We have eliminated potions completely. Instead, we’ve added effect blocks to use in your levels! Each effect has its own activation and deactivation block. You will see an icon on the top left of your screen when an effect is active. They cost 750 energy each, one-time purchase for infinite uses. The team blocks are 750 energy per 10. To compensate for the loss of any potions, we’ve temporarily put the Jump effect on sale for 10 energy!

– Jump effect
Jump twice as high!

– Speed effect
Run 50% faster!

– Fly effect
Hold space to fly!

– Protection effect
Hazard can’t kill you; removes curse and zombie status.

– Teams
Hit a colour to join that team. Each colour has its own doors and gates!
An icon on your smiley as well as in the user list shows what team you’re in. Hit the grey team block to go back to neutral.

– Curse effect
Hit this block to start a curse; hit someone else to transfer the curse to them. Set a timer on how long the curse lasts,
which then kills the cursed player! A maximum of 3 curses can be active at a time.

– Zombie effect
Hit this block to turn into a zombie, moving 40% slower and jumping 25% lower. Set a timer for how long you turn into a zombie,
after which you die.

World options

– You can now hide your worlds from the lobby and your profile.
– You can now toggle whether players are allowed to join your worlds.
– You can now enable/disable spectating in your worlds.
– You can now add a description to your worlds

UI changes

– Block selector
In your block bar, hold down a number key (0-9) and click a block to assign it to that number on your quick bar.
This also works as a block picker on blocks in the level!
– Added an aura selector button
– Improved guest UI
Guests can now use quick chat.
Guests can now only send PMs to guardians/admins.
– Added descriptions to some blocks.
– Improved loading animations.
– Worlds can now be previewed from the lobby. — extra credits to XJEEX for helping here!
– Your smiley is now green with a green trail on the minimap.

Block changes

– Spawns, switches, invisible portals, signs and cakes are no longer visible on the minimap.
– Fixed a few bugs with one-way blocks
– Invisible blocks are now only visible when god mode is active.
– Revamped the ladder texture.
– Revamped the crown texture.


– You can now press “/” to open chat for quick command entry.
– Expanded the /help command.
– Added /spec command — shortcut to specate someone.
– /getpos is now available for everyone
– You can now reply to the last received PM by pressing backspace.
– You can now press enter to log in instead of clicking.


– Added auras to the shop
Buy permanent aura colours for when you’re in god mode!
Users with Builders Club get exclusive animated auras.

– Added two new tutorial worlds
Number 1:

Number 2:

– Ravatroll
– Master1

– The limit of simultaneous players in a world has been increased from 45 to 75
– Pressing shift no longer closed the text entry field when typing a message
– You can now see world changes while stuck in a block
– Revamped certain smileys
– Hitting a smiley-changing block no longer overrides your default smiley.
– Added a new smiley: 3D Glasses PiZCT9j.png

See you in the worlds!
The Everybody Edits Team

20 thoughts on “Super Effective!

  1. Muhammad Al-lami says:

    Hi guys my user is muhammadpop123 and I’m so excited to test out the new update but I came here to kindly ask if I may please have free beta and gems please reply and i hope you are kind enough to make my wish come true I won’t tell anyone this is how I got it so you don’t get spammed emails

    Saturday, April 18, 2015, 5:58 PM -0400 from The Everybody Edits Blog : >nielsvandijk posted: ”

    Effect blocks

    We have eliminated potions completely. Instead, we’ve added effect blocks to use in your levels! Each effect has its own activation and deactivation block. You will see an icon on the top left of your screen when an effect is acti” >

  2. Good update guys, though I feel like you overlooked a semi-important feature that potions originally filled. That being, the ability to respawn. There have been levels in which I had gotten stuck in a spot I can only imagine was an overlooked bit (one block to high to jump out of, ect).

    Now at one point the command /respawn was taken away and it was replaced by potions, this was an issue since you couldn’t let players respawn but stop them from using one of the other potions. What I would like to see is /respawn added back, but with the ability for world owners to disallowed it, similar to how we would be able to disable or enable potions.

    By doing so we’d allow worlds that want to prevent their players from jumping back when they fail a jump or whatever it may be to do so, while still allowing worlds that don’t to give players a way to get out of holes or whatnot that were overlooked in world building.

    That said I think the removal of potions was something that was a long time coming. It felt like it was designed to be an energy sink, however, the effects couldn’t really be designed around. Either you let players potion or you don’t, so zombie worlds allowed players to use everything else. In addition platforming couldn’t plan for players to have the potions that made the jumps possible, so it couldn’t be built around. Again, good update and keep up the good work. I can’t wait to see what functionality will be added in next.

  3. Great stuff, especially the effect blocks (I boycotted the potions), the only backdraw I could think of was that I can no longer allow players to legally cheat in my levels using potions.
    One problem with the previews, not all worlds show their preview (the preview of the world power effect doesn’t load for me), I guess it fails loading the effect blocks, but I might be wrong.
    Are the old zombie blocks still useful or have I wasted thousands of energy? If the latter is true a good compensation would be to turn them into team blocks.

  4. The zombie effect has a typo in its description. It says, “Infects the players with horrible desease.” Apparently it also affects grammar. It should be, “Infects the players with a horrible disease.” Thank you for reading this.

  5. King_Oskar says:

    I don’t need that zombie effect block, what I need is more sign, oh and team doors 🙂
    Oh yes, I like this update! Now effects can be whenever owner wishes them to be!

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