Loading Screen Contest Winners!

Woohoo! Thanks for the submissions everybody! Here are the final results.

1st Place:
Team Name: RAYnBOH
Members: Boh, RayOfLight
World URL: http://everybodyedits.com/games/PW1KznZABfbEI

2nd Place:
Team Name: PolishKids
Members: KarolV2, Filiposs, Adonis123
World URL: http://everybodyedits.com/games/PW3otyviQpbkI
Team Name: Llama Team
Members: Master1, Theditor, Stagecrew
World URL: http://everybodyedits.com/games/PWvQOGAzvrbkI
Team Name: Mod Land Lads
Members: Badoosh, Stubby, AK712
World URL: http://everybodyedits.com/games/PWDlDl6LKWbkI
Team Name: KuppaKing
Member: BowserMarioLuigi
World URL: http://everybodyedits.com/games/PWD5VGG0ETbUI

3rd Place:
Team Name: Variety
Members: XEN90, Rempoh
World URL: http://everybodyedits.com/games/PW6GoQSGUNbkI
Team Name: The Returned Dawn of EE
Member: Itsmeandersonlol
World URL: http://everybodyedits.com/games/PWAdvRn4Y-bkI
Team Name: The Brick Hole
Members: Teoten, Mirza, Benny4
World URL: http://everybodyedits.com/games/PWG3IFT1YBbEI
Team Name: YinYang Crew
Members: Kentiya, TechnoWolf99
World URL: http://everybodyedits.com/games/PWhjuf18STbUI
Team Name: A5
Members: Aaro54, Alex5555
World URL: http://everybodyedits.com/games/PWNihFxEGTbUI
Team Name: Cjes
Member: c25293
World URL: http://everybodyedits.com/games/PWIkdxy_XCa0I
Team Name: CTC
Members: Curdflapper1, Tak4n, Cola1
World URL: http://everybodyedits.com/games/PWlmaT3X0cbEI
Team Name: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) desu
Members: Raon, JR2, Dadito
World URL: http://everybodyedits.com/games/PWWNOsdwZjbUI

Winners have received their prize.

See you in the worlds,
The Everybody Edits Team.

17 thoughts on “Loading Screen Contest Winners!

  1. Hey, I was wondering if there are any decent bots which are open source?
    I’m attempting the creation of one, but where things should work they don’t.

    Also when did this start getting updated again? I stopped playing for a while, and almost everything’s changed…

  2. Hello…will you fix the email button,cuz when u open a new acc,its not anymore.My account has a email,that i conected,but unfortunately i presse:dont taka any friend request from ee so i cant take anyome any friend from ee,my email doent work,pls do something to enable again my email!!Pls do it fast…i am waiting ur reply!!!!!FIX THAT!!!!

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