Hot stuff!

Hey everybody!

It’s already been a while since the last update, so I decided to do one today! (Yes, it’s Friday the 13th, but I think it’s fine… right?) Also, it’s Everybody Edits’ 5th birthday today! Wooohoooo!

Here are the changes:
– Added Artist, Princess, Chef and Clown smiley.
– Added liquid lava to the lava block package.
– Added /godon <username> command (same with /godoff).
– Added /givecrown <username> and /removecrown (/removecrown doesn’t need an username since only one person can have it)
– Changed the whole magic system.
– Fixed a bug where guests could get magic.
– Fixed a bug that only allows you to have 1 magic brick.
– Fixed a bug where you could place fully invisible blocks in other worlds.

– Fixed a bug that messes up world names on profile.

Details about the new magic system will be released soon.

NOTE: Fixed the update. Rolling out now.

See you in the worlds,
The Everybody Edits Team.

10 thoughts on “Hot stuff!

  1. Since the update I cant seem to play the game! =(
    It shows a black screen and right clicking will show “movie not loaded” :/
    I tried removing the cache, cookies, history but it never worked.
    My PC and internet is pretty decent so that wouldn’t be the problem..

    What do I do?? 😦 I’d greatly appreciate your help 🙂

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