Bye bye magic!

Hey everybody, I’m too lazy to write an introduction thingy, so let’s just start with the changelist:

  • Removed magic classes.
  • Added new basic, beta, brick, checker, basicbg, brickbg, checkerbg, darkbg and normalbg blocks.
  • Changed energy time to 1:30 instead of 2:30.
  • You now have all your portals, but x5. Also when you buy them.
  • Changed Woot count to 10.
  • Added more id’s to switches.
  • Changed a lot of user interface things.
  • Added a new package. Don’t ask me what it is, because it’s extremely secret and hard to get (or find). And no, you can’t obtain it by having Builders Club 😀
  • Added the DJ Smiley to the drums package.
  • Fixed several bugs.

Oh, almost forgot! Processor is now a moderator of Everybody Edits! So please start annoying him when you see him. I’m sure he’ll like that.

Because we knew the energy would drop, we changed it so you get +1 energy every 1,5 minutes instead every 2,5 minutes. We also lowered the shop prices because of this. It might not look fair, but I think now having 200-300 energy is as much as having 400-500 energy before this update.

See you in the worlds, The Everybody Edits Team

75 thoughts on “Bye bye magic!

  1. says:

    can you please unban me I did have one bad day and I get banned pls I won t do it agen

    Poslano preko Samsung Mobile uređaja.

  2. says:

    can you pls unban me I did have one bad day and I get banned my user name is Deadlyman sorry for previus msg

    Poslano preko Samsung Mobile uređaja.

  3. killerthegreat says:

    You removed magic classes? Why? I liked them!
    Oh well… Everything must come and go soon.
    Just promise to keep up the good work!
    Also I know about the secret package.

  4. can you add something for people who have played for two years or more i have played four years and don’t feel any more special than people who have played one day. also add something for people that actually bought chat. (Dragon123)

  5. nobodyismeabcdefghijkl says:

    The fix from today is unfair. Before the magic levels system I had 505 energy, so the system was not useful for me as the max from it is 400, so I never cared for it. Now I got only +144 energy, when I had enough magics (decayed) for +200.

    Also from the first update from you I got +100, but from yesterday’s update it got removed, is that intended?

    My username is nico1a5, thanks

  6. nobodyismeabcdefghijkl says:

    This is a joke for old players. The magic levels system max energy was not meant to be added to your total if you had over 400. If I knew this was going to happen I would have leveled to 12
    I know you might be ignoring this for the amount of hate, but this is not the same as for the other players, I always wanted to achieve everything in this game, and I did. But now you make this unexpected thing
    Thanks again

      • nobodyismeabcdefghijkl says:

        Just noticed it got changed to 2.30 again. I would prefer it back to 1.30 and get the nonlegit max energy (from levels system) removed. (making 605 with the extra 100?) Come on I never complained

  7. pillowbird says:

    I don’t see why everyone is so mad about this update, it’s awesome! I started playing Everybody Edits a long time ago. Over the past few years, every update have been another “meh”. I haven’t cared about getting all the smileys and blocks as much as i used to and when the magic classes got introduced, that’s when i just stopped playing. But now they’re removing the classes completely! Plus, the site looks better now and some other nice stuff. I’ve seen the player count drop from 2000 (when i started playing) to about 200 (now). Hopefully a lot of people will get back on now, the game is definitely taking the right turn!

  8. NVD you are the best thing this game has had in a while. I thank you and your team for your hard work in making this game better. Don’t worry about people being mad at you. What you are doing is making this game more fun and that is what Everybody Edits and gaming in general is supposed to be about.

  9. And I also have an idea of the volume, why do not we add a block diagonal and those who step up to the sliding add orange black keys as session …. the medium, I will always play this game for a clean no troll

  10. and about the magic classes are removed, I have no idea, but people should not receive less energy like for example some people have not reached level 12 before this version so should give each 100 to the new players can earn the newer block.

  11. and cause this game is being played at the number of people because of lack of map or the version lacks ideas should also need to add a comment right of people to edit them feel no lack of investment in brief so I would like to end.

  12. johnnyhooks says:

    Hey Folks, have you changed the new package? There’d been 5 Blocks when i got it. Now there is only one Block (green one)? Greetz Johnny

  13. The timer still shows 2:30 and my energy got massively raised (because of my class before the update), I guess that’s because changing the ship prices and the energy interval gave new people too much stuff?
    You can get 6 and 12 month BC cheaper when you first buy gems and buy BC with gems. Just change the prices to €20 / 220 gems and €38 / 420 gems to quick-fix.
    You must purchase gems multiple times to get the diamond block, which might decrease the amount of diamond blocks sold (allow buying more gems at once or add a direct-purchase option, which might be helpful on all gems-only items).

  14. I love EE i have been on since december 2011 (but i never got the december 2011 pakc D:) I always have noticed its VERY hard to get secret smileys and secret packages and I wanted to ask if there would be maybe a hint able to be asked for? I love this game so much keep up the good work my ign is kris556

  15. hey I have been playing ee for 4 years do you think you could make me a guardian because i have played since they made accounts in ee. ps im not pressed about the energy change even if mine went from 600 to 540. (Regards from Dragon123)

  16. I believe this is a wonderful update! Spite what others say, I enjoy this update not only because the game is now more of a creation game than a “energy farming” game, back to what the game is meant to be. Thank you!

  17. vengeur69 says:

    I’m happy to have 543 but it would be better to have 550 or something divisible by 50 because each time i buy something in the market i will have 43 energy left :/

    also how do we get the sorcerer and the purplue ghost smilies ?

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