Loading Screen Contest!

Loading Screen Contest

  • 1st Place (1 team): Loading screen in-game, 100 gems, +100 max energy, Artist smiley
  • 2nd Place (3 teams): 75 Gems, +75 max energy, Artist smiley
  • 3rd Place (5 Teams): 50 Gems, +50 max energy, Artist smiley
Time frame:
  • Signing up will occur between February 18-28 ONLY! Do not try to apply after the deadline.
  • Building time will occur between March 1-10 only
  • Judging will start immediately after the level creation deadline.
Signing up:
  • Only 3 creators per team at most. You are however free to have less.
  • Being in more than 1 team simultaneously is NOT allowed.
  • Signing up will be done on the official forum on the specified topic ONLY.
  • Each team is required to submit a world, no other medium will be accepted
  • A 40 block wide by 30 block tall area in the level that will be judged must be indicated
  • Content within the submission should be your teams work! (not copied)
  • Worlds should not include:
  • Inappropriate content
  • Sprite art of smileys or content from other games
  • Make sure that you’re making the level on a world that can be accessed by non-betas as well.
Levels will be judged on:
  • Composition and placement of items, balance of positive and negative space.
  • Aesthetics (color balance and choice, and how pleasing it is to look at)
  • Ability to have the Everybody Edits logo and smileys edited in by the staff
  • Please don’t create an out-of-season themed environment (example: Christmas or Halloween themed levels)
  • You should leave open spaces for smiley faces to be edited in by the staff
  • Try to be original and have fun!


Questions and signing up here: http://eeforums.cf/viewtopic.php?id=26154

See you in the worlds,
The Everybody Edits Team

13 thoughts on “Loading Screen Contest!

  1. killerthegreat says:

    Wow! Another contest! I wish I could be a good builder, if only I had enough worlds and gems. Also I finished making the sleeping smiley and I forgot where you hand them in.

  2. EE is looking good, I’m happy the magic rankings were removed..

    The only thing that really ruined EE was when he took away the beta rooms. All of my beta buddies used to hang out in beta rooms all of the time, but when they were removed everyone lost contact with each other.. It was such a sad day. 😦

    If he could, I’d love it if he could add beta-only rooms back. There could then be a possibility to gain the old beta members back.

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