Passing the torch…

We have big news! Everybody Edits has a new owner!  MrShoe and MrVoid are very busy people and could no longer find time to work on the game. What does this mean for the game then? More updates, bug fixes, and more feature implementation.

Our first task was to extend the Everybody Edits staff.  We have asked Toop, Master1, Thanel, and UltraBass to help us. They have all agreed, and so the new Everybody Edits team is now:

Moderators: NVD, JaWapa, Toop.
Guardians: Kingoftheozone, Thanel, UltraBass, Master1.

The second thing we did, was work extensively on updates. As soon as we heard the news that we were going to run the game now, we instantly went to work. With the entire team working very hard, we are about to release one of the biggest updates ever to EE.

See you in the worlds,
The new Everybody Edits team.

EDIT: Beta is now available in the Energy Shop for $7,50

15 thoughts on “Passing the torch…

  1. I do not like the descission very much – and question the named “admins” to be able to run the game.
    It is my honest opinion and that of my fellow EE gamer that you are mentally not able fulfill the job in question as shown with several leaks published from friends of yours.

    You were not even able to recite the ruleset whenever I asked for it.


    • I would just like to point out that all of the leaks made were approved by MrShoe, and the most recent leaks were completely 100% allowed regardless. The guardians no longer work under MrShoe’s rules and therefore the NDA did not apply.

      I would be happy to answer/clarify anything else you may want to know.


  2. killerthegreat says:

    Well uhh…. Congratz on the new mods and admins!
    And guardians! I hope you have the pleasure of being mods and admins.
    (and guardians) Is there anything I can do for anything else for development?
    Also will the old mods be staying on EE?

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