Sci-Fi Competition Winners!

The Sci-Fi competition is over, and the winners has been found.
We have received many different worlds, and the judges has worked overtime to play all of them. A big thanks to the judges Gadgetgeek, Jawapa, nvd and especially Kingoftheozone for also organizing the contest in the first place.

Everybody is in awe with the quality of the worlds, and we are very proud to present the very elite of Everybody Edits world builders:


First Place


Energy Field – Scifi
Made by: Forcesniper
Score: 8.9


Plenty of space
Made by: Killeratz
Score: 8.63


Twin Moons
Made by: Stagecrew
Score: 8.6


Second Place


M1 Scifi
Made by: Master1
Score: 8.56


Made by: Shadowboy
Score: 8.5


Eternity Dream
Made by: Kiraninja
Score: 8.3


Third Place


Jumpnot Dimension
Made by: Ipwner
Score: 8.23


Planet Puu XII
Made by: Sensei1
Score: 8.2


Made by: Tak4n
Score: 8.1


Honorable Mention


Aliens Night Out
Made by: Benje00


Against My Mind
Made by: Asurch


Schizoid’s Android
Made by: Skullz


See you in the worlds!

Best Regards
The Guardian Team, MrVoid and MrShoe.

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