Holographic Environment Simulator

Or, hologram block for short 😉

We have added a new block! When you touch it, you turn into a hologram of a smiley.


And thanks for all the great entries to the SciFi competition. There is really a lot of creative and cool worlds!

Remember that there is still time to send in your submissions. Check out the previous blog post for more info.

And also in this update:

  • New landing page image (themed for the season) (done by jawapa)
  • Changed max. portal ids to 999
  • Added /getblockplacer command.
    • Simply type /getblockplacer (or /gbp) to activate. Then click a block to get the name of whoever placed that block. Type command again to deactivate. Only world owners (and Guardians) can use this command. And it only works with blocks placed since the world was last opened.
  • Added a command that allows Guardians to ban worlds.
    • If a world is banned, only Guardians and the world owner can access it.

See you in the worlds!


MrShoe and MrVoid

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