Fastest leaf on the tree

It is yet again time to celebrate the changing seasons (especially in the northern hemisphere)! Introducing the Autumn pack 2014 with pumpkins, leaves and acorns.



A big thanks to Toop who made the graphics for the Autumn pack. As always, seasonal blocks are time limited. So hurry up!

Besides the new graphic pack, we also made a Potion of Speed! Perfect for showing of or running away from zombies! Or…eat the brains of those who are not zombies yet 😉


Free Chat

We have received countless mails regarding free chat, so we have now introduced an email verification, which allows you to enable free chat. Simply sign up for our newsletter in the News section and follow the instructions in the mail.



Ultrabass has chosen to resign from the Guardian team. We thank him for all the help he has given us!

We will start looking for a replacement for him as soon as possible.


Also in this update

We have had Nvd help us with this update, and he also fixed a lot of minor stuff.

  • Button to set World visiblity. Turn it off to hide your world in the world list.
  • Added text bubbles to portals to show id and target, when you’re in god mode.
  • Changed Gem Icon
  • Fixed black background behind bricks in the brick selector.
  • Fixed profiles not loading correctly.



We are working on the last details on a new world competition, which will start next week. Stay tuned for more!


See you in the worlds!


MrShoe and MrVoid







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