As you can all probably imagine, we have received a lot of mails regarding chat. So this post is to explain the problem and an invite for everyone to give suggestions on how to fix it.


The problem

The problem with chat is not the swearing. In general, there is an sober tone in the chat. At least not worse than one can expect. We would always like to improve the atmosphere, but this is not the reason we are removing chat.

What is the problem is groups of people targeting single users, stalking them and bullying them. And even if there is a Guardian around to ban the bullies, they simply created new accounts and continued.

This is a behaviour we simply can not allow, and the system with free chat makes this kind of abuse too easy.



If anyone have any suggestions to a solution that makes it possible for players to enable free chat, but still makes it impossible for trolls to obtain (and too valuable for them to loose), we are very open to hearing your suggestions.


For now

In the meantime, we have made chat cheaper, so it is now only 1$, which includes 20 gems. What a bargain!



Best regards,

MrShoe and MrVoid









30 thoughts on “Chat

  1. martenstruijk says:

    Oké, nice that it’s cheaper now but it would also be nice if LV 10 and higher would get chat for free. This way its a lot harder to get chat then just make a new acc and you get a reward if you reach that level. (Note: Chat still in store for people that aren’t level 10 or higer yet).

    • julianridley says:

      Several people has written to me and suggested that idea.

      It might be a good idea. It would make it a lot more work for the bullies at least.


      • Yeah, I suggested chat as a “reward” for reaching level 12 to Nvd and Jawapa. Perhaps if you’re caught abusing chat after that you’re forced back to level 1 without chat?

      • Change it to level 5, as some people will not even play long enough to get to level 10, which took me 3 months. To get to 5, it only took me 3/4 of a month, which is more appropriate.

        Another solution is account age. After your account is at least a month old, with a play time of 5+ hours, you can get chat for free. It could stop the alt problems, because NOBODY wan’t to wait a month just to bully someone, and even if they do, you don’t tell them about the play time thing, so they can’t just make a bunch of alts and come back to them in 30 days, because they do not have the playtime. You must also be at least level 3. One all of those requirement are met, you can unlock chat. If you feel it necessary, you can make it cost about 500 in the energy shop after you unlock it.

      • julianridley says:

        As I said before, we think this sucks as well. And we are trying to find a alternative solution.


  2. Gain trusted members, (NOT) guardians, and allow them to deal with the /reportabuse reports that come in, also known as “chat moderators”, who have no benefit like every other player other than A. Free chat without paying. B. Have access to chat logs and are able to join games in which the report came from, in order to verify it was going on.
    Solution B: IP Filtering: If a user gains 3 or more bans from a specific IP address on different accounts, then the user will be IP-banned so that they are no longer able to make alternate accounts.

  3. Yes. Paid chat is little nervous… I accepting the idea with LV 10, but i think it’s possible add IP bans. Other idea is a activating a chat. To get a chat, u need send a email. If moderators accept it, u can a chating.

  4. I personally think the pay2chat system is near perfect, and the only problems are that a brazillian enemy friend of mine can’t use paypal to purchase chat, and also that it’s not 1 cent anymore (which I actually think was more expensive because it didn’t include a 20 free gems IIRC).

  5. Dear Mrshoe,
    First of All, thank you for listening to players opinion -added blue coins, However bringing the paid chat system isn’t a good idea, as if the old developers has disabled this feature, we shouldn’t recommit the same error. This would lead to less interaction in the game and will result in losing players. In fact, to solve this situation, why not adding a ban chat system?
    1. Users need to pass email validation&& Capatcha in order to register
    2. Users will be granted free chat at start.
    3. The game implements algos to check people misbehave
    4. Results are to processed by Guadians.
    5. Finally, if the user abuse the terms, the player will lose chat or even be banned

    Moreover, the Builders Club is quite a good feature (steady income like ms office 360), try implementing similar features.

    * Some Moms doesn’t allow child to buy things. 😦

  6. Have free chat for everybody and if that doesn’t work, then you could make a /removechat command and have it so if somebody is bullying somebody else they will have to pay for chat [IP too if possible]. For guardians and if the guardians remove it for no reason then they get no more guardianship.

  7. steelviper77 says:

    What about a way that a player could turn off chat on a world by world basis, other than for friends and mods/guardians. This way, if they are being bullied they can just turn it all off and avoid multiple accounts.

  8. Julian why not add a mute button if there are bullies? Also another thing I was thinking about is putting in different chat channels for all those who want to chat with certain people they trust. That would reduce the parents complaints wouldn’t it?

  9. what if you could buy chat with energy? 1k energy seems like a big enopugh number
    OR you need to get a high level OR one of your worlds need to have 100 woots(i dont think you can get 100 fake accounts to woot up, bu even though, you can simply disable the “100 woot to chat” feature)

    well, those are my ideas, i hope i can someday get chat without needing to buy 😀
    even though im just 14 years old im mature enough to dont bully someone

    and btw, if its only 1$ people can keep creating accounts and buying chat

  10. I have an idea for the chat problem because the trolls keep coming back you need to have a 1 week account to be able to chat that way it helps stop them from coming back or you can add a /mute command witch mutes the people like spamers!

    also great blue coin update keep up the good work
    – pokemonshaw

  11. mr.shoe do people thought bought chat in the past get gems it is not fair we bought chat for more on dont get gems and love blue coin there no longer useless im going to make room called blue room

    • julianridley says:

      If you bought chat for 1 cent, you did not receive any gems.
      If you bought chat for 3 dollars, you got 50 gems.
      If you buy chat today for 1 dollar, you get 20 gems.

      That seems fair enough to me 🙂


  12. So This is why i cant chat now… I Dont Have money (real) because my mom’s paypal account got hacked and please make me chat i didnt even bully someone! 😦

    • julianridley says:

      I know it is unfair that chat has to get removed from everyone because of a small group of people who do not know how to behave.

      We are trying to find an alternative, but for now we had to fix it.


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