Blue is best

At long last, after countless requests, we simply ran out of excuses not to make blue coin doors and gates.



These should go well together with the existing doors and gates to make some exiting new worlds!



Unfortunately, we have had a lot of people misusing the free chat of Everybody Edits. So much that we have found it necessary to reintroduce “pay for chat”. This means you have to buy the chat items in the shop in order to chat. If you already bought it before, you still have it.

You can always chat with your friends and the Guardians though.



Squadfs is doing a really good job at finding interesting worlds or news an tweeting about them. This is an example:

We really enjoy following and fully endorse him 🙂



A minor update (that we made some time ago, but never made public) is command auto-completion.  Just start writing a command, press TAB to auto-complete the command.


See you in the worlds!


Best Regards

MrShoe and MrVoid



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