Guardians Update

We are very happy to announce that all the people we have asked to become Guardians have agreed. So welcome to KingOfTheOzone, Nvd, JaWaPa and UltraBass.

We plan to find a couple of Guardians more over the next week to bring the total up to 6.


Meanwhile, I have received a lot of questions regarding Guardians and I will try to cover some of them here. Feel free to ask more in the comments!

If this is the first time you hear about Guardians in Everybody Edits, read the previous post 🙂


Q: What powers will Guardians have?

To begin with, Guardians will have the power to kick people from all worlds and also ban people.  Nobody will be kicked or banned without a warning and an explanation.  Guardians cannot edit a world they do not own or grant others the right to do so. Neither can they modify any settings of a world.

They will have the ability to fly around in god mode like moderators do.


Q: I am afraid that the Guardian will be an immature kid who destroys my world.

We have chosen the Guardians carefully and instructed them that their role is to make the game fun and respect and help all players. They are not supposed to destroy anything (and they can not) . If this is not the case tell them how they can improve. Or tell us.


Q: Who will moderate the Guardians?

Guardians will moderate each other. Reports made about guardians will not be handled by that Guardian. If you have a complaint about a Guardian feel free to write to me. Giving respectful feedback to a Guardian will not result in a ban.


Q: Are there secret Guardians?

No. And anyone saying they are a secret Guardian (or mod) is not. Guardians may have more  accounts, or they may react on reports send in. But the Guardians are the ones mentioned earlier.


Q: Will the Guardians have access to the game code?

No. Guardians are not meant to develop the game. They will however observe the game and collect ideas which we will discuss.


Q: Can Guardians read all chat?

No. Guardians can read the chat log when a user reports another user.


Q: Guardians are a terrible idea! There a bigger problems!

That is not even a question. But while it is true that Guardians will not solve everything, they are an important first step to solve the bugger issues. Right now, we have only some idea of the problems that are going on. Guardians will play the game, listen to users and report back to us. This gives us a much better understanding of problems or wishes that the players have.


Q: When will Guardians start?

We will make a News update when we are ready to begin. Right now we are still testing, but we hope to make the update this week.


See you in the worlds!


Best Regards

MrShoe and MrVoid




5 thoughts on “Guardians Update

  1. luidog2011 says:

    If you’re trying to piss off the community, you’re succeeding by not actually listening to anyone’s opinions about guardians. If you’re not, please stop.

    • julianridley says:

      We really do listen to the community.

      Some have written saying that we should not make Guardians, and we have not listened to that.
      We strongly believe in the need for Guardians.

      We are very open to input and feedback.

      Feel free to give us some 🙂


  2. =D can you add all the blocks from EE2 to EE1? pls? I miss EE2s awesome blocks and wish they had them in EE1 and I hate that u have to be a certain level to buy stuff its not easy trying to do 3 things at once ya know! I have to do homework (really hard) make sure im on EE on time and make sure I have ENOUGH time to do what im doing on EE so its pretty hard to fit leveling up in there ive been stuck on level 11 for about a year and its getting annoying that people tease me cuz im level 11 and my old account that kong banned was level 12 with all the blocks and I cant use it =c (austin62) I miss that account and if u can I hope u can get it back! I love this game and I hope it progresses futher and I hope to see many COOL updates in the future (idea car decorations roads street lights truck decorations and stuff like that also elevators) from,EEs biggest fan,

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