As you all know we are finally back to working on Everybody Edits.

One major issue right now is moderating the worlds. It seems to us that both inappropriate language and hackers have taken over while we were away, which is really sad.
What we really need is to have some kind of moderators who can can be our extended ears and eyes in the worlds, and who can take action on smaller issues on the spot.



Introducing guardians

Everybody Edits is full of nice, fun and creative people. But unfortunately there will always be people behaving badly or simply harassing and trolling other users.

We would really like to do something about this, as it takes the fun out of the game. However, we can’t be everywhere at once – and most of the time we are not even anywhere to be found. So what we need is a group of volunteers who can act as Guardians to keep a good atmosphere in the game. Not by running around and banning people left and right, even though they can, but by helping people out and get a better understanding of how to behave in Everybody Edits.

The main task for the Guardians is to create a good, safe and welcome atmosphere in the worlds. To cater to the community, not police it.

Besides being present in worlds, the Guardians will also read though the many reports send in and act upon them. Right now the reports are mainly used as an archive where we can verify accusations, but we would like to get better at acting as fast as possible.

Lastly, we imagine that the Guardians will probably also be avid players of Everybody Edits and talk to a lot of users. This means they will provide us with a lot of feedback from users.



The exact set of rules and what means of punishment the Guardians will have is yet to be decided. When the first Guardians have been chosen, we will set about creating a set of guidelines and rules as to what is considered good behaviour in Everybody Edits, based on the existing guidelines.

We expect the Guardians to listen to the rest of the community to get inspiration for this, and together we will find some rules everyone can agree is fair and useful.



Even before we have launched guardians, the news about them has spread and worries have grown. We have received a lot of emails from concerned users, mostly regarding who will become guardians, how they are chosen and if they are the right people.

First of all, we are as concerned as you are about choosing the right people. Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that we do this right in our first attempt. If it turns out that we have choosen the wrong people they will loose their guardian status and become regular users again.

We have found a list of potential guardians by asking players we know, who they would like to nominate as guardians. And by ignoring the people who have written to us nominating themselves. We have searched through our reports to see if the potential guardians have any skeletons in the closest, and basically read through the information we have on each. As we post this we have also send them a mail asking if they are even interested in becoming guardians. We are looking for people who are active in the game, likes to talk to other people and engage in the community. Someone who can solve conflicts in a mature fashion and generally behaves in a pleasant way.

When we talk to players it seems to us that there are a lot of different groups in the community who seems to be somewhat in conflict. It is almost impossible for us to navigate in these groups, but we expect the Guardians  to work together and be objective.


Potential guardians

The 4 people we have asked are:

  • JaWaPa
  • Kingoftheozone
  • Nvd
  • Ultrabass

We might decide to add more Guardians later on.  Feel free to comment below (using your ingame name), or send me an email at:

If you do comment, try to think about how the person will do as a Guardian and be as objective as possible.


Next step

Now we will await feedback from the players we have asked to become a guardian as well as everybody else. Once we have decided on the Guardians, we will announce it here and in the game.

We do not expect the Guardian system to be flawless from the start, but we hope that given time it will be a good addition which will help make a good atmosphere in the game we all love.


See you in the worlds!


Best Regards

MrShoe and MrVoid



44 thoughts on “Guardians

  1. amppe says:

    Hello! Here is Alanikkola and i can’t make bots but i use them. I have played Everybody edits since 2010 and its not much funny anymore, because my friends are not much online, and havent anything like that “guardian” mod. Off course like 100 players or more knows me. I like it. So does it matter if i ask for Guardian? Please.


    • julianridley says:

      I really do not think Guardian should be seen as a goal in itself.
      These are people needed to do a lot of work, not an achievement to brag about.


  2. aracapati0318 says:

    Hi there! I heard the ‘Guardian News’ and would like to be one as well. You’ll know me as GLAMEOW9345 when you play EE. The reason I’d like to be a guardian is because I want to bring peace to EE. I’m not saying that EE is like a troublesome game, but I meant that I want to make EE a better place.

    Thank you for reading this little request, I’ll be great if you let me be one.

    • julianridley says:

      Thanks you for offering to help out.

      But instead of applying we would much rather hear who you think would make good candidates as Guardians and why.


      • euadeluxe says:

        Actually I think that there are a lot of willing people in the game which would make perfect Guardians. The only problem I see arising is that there will be a lot of people who won’t carry out their jobs for too long. They will rather be flashed by their new title, will then do their job for some days (or even weeks) and afterwards they will retreat and will never be heard of again.I have just recently become a developer on a rather large gameserver and I have seen a lot o people who joined the team just for the rank.

        I therefore want to give you my 10 cents on what to put value on. The first thing is that the users you should choose should have a pretty good knowledge of the language including any chat abbreviations which are used by many players otherwise they will not be able to directly tell players if anything was a violation of the rules. You should then seek players which are able to confront other people. They must not have any shame in confronting an user who has broken the rules in any way. Again, they won’t be able to do their job otherwise. Last but not least you should not make talking a lot to players a criteria. From what I have learned, users will always come to you if there is anything that they want you to do. Moderators tend to be spammed with such suggestions and if they now fell like having to answer all of them they will soon get very de-motivated and will probably not do their job much longer.

        As always, this is only my opinion and I only wanted to give you some advice. Unluckily I know some users who fulfill most of your criterias but none of them actually fulfills what I expect of a moderator. And I do not want to apply myself here as I would not be able to do such a job either. I rather like to code on my own and then give users something they can play instead of working my way through all of the community. So please don’t get me wrong here.

        Yours sincerely,

      • “we would much rather hear who you think would make good candidates as Guardians and why.”
        Would this involve sending a message to the black hole that is your e-mail address? (or publicly nominating on forums/blog?)

      • julianridley says:

        Yeah, I know I haven’t been very good at answering my email.
        I have gotten better though 🙂
        So yes, either here or on my email.


  3. serra117 says:

    Finally, Player Mods! I’ve gotten tired of shared accounts and trolling.Thank you for adding something to keep the good players on EE, instead of the game being full of annoying trolls and people who can’t stop blaming and swearing.


  4. I am goeyfun, a old player in ee with bad english. I am writing to express that there should be a clear definition of what a guardian does. Does he/she kick/ban haters which used to be a problem, or he/ she also have the power to kick/ban trollers /shared abusive accs? There should be a guideline for how the guardians work 😀

    Moreover, i think a guardian should be
    -not observing for powers
    -mature enough
    -med popularity
    -not rude and being a hater.

    Anyway, thx for making ee back alive. 😛

    • julianridley says:

      We agree that there should be a defined set of rules, so players will know if they violate that.

      But we think the users have a better understanding of what rules are needed than we do, so we will need the input of the Guardians to set up these rules. And we expect the Guardians to listen to the rest of the community when defining these rules.


  5. I have some serious concerns and emailed you about them.

    Well, I am sure this “volunteer program” will be a nice additon to the game. However, it requires the potential guardians to be aware of their duty and hopefully they do not act upon he rules in a rather over-zealous way which I believe they will do more or less early on. Guardians should be 18+ at least..


  6. Shouldn’t the world owners be responsible for moderation? It works in most other games I’ve seen (ex. Minecraft). If a player is being annoying or inappropriate, they should just kick them or, if you implement it, permanently ban them from the level (perhaps by IP). Better yet, make such functions more visible to newer players (perhaps a button next to each person in the player list?).

    Even if you do find good players to become Guardians, there is still going to be that factor of idolization that occurs when regular moderators enter a level and then most who would misbehave wouldn’t. Think of it as if a teacher is or isn’t in a classroom.

    The biggest “threat” to EE right now are spam bots, so you’d need to add an IP-banning mechanism so all accounts from that IP wouldn’t work. Even then a world owner, if given the tools, could simply ban one spam bot from their world and the rest from that IP would be forced out and not be allowed to enter.

    I realize you have good intentions, but I don’t feel like this is the right way to go. Just expand the set of tools a world owner can use and they could combat spammers, etc. just as well without any of the trust issues Guardians can bring up.


  7. atomicwp says:

    If NVD / UltraBass / Jawapa gets guardian, i’ll leave this game immediately.

    I think guardians could be: Master1, (I saw his worlds, and the person is really nice, he likes to interact with others which is good)
    KingoftheZone: Always keep calm when a situation goes wrong, i respect this.
    Kiraninja (?): A really nice guy, interesting ideas and always help others, that’s his main qualities 🙂
    StageCrew: (Like master1 / Kingofthezone)
    And Finnaly Theditor, who deserves to get guardian considering his experience 🙂

  8. EveryEditLover says:

    I had an idea that would be helpful for teams and crews, “Helpers” picked by a world’s owner to have certain owner capabilities, like saving, perhaps with the ability to place portals and other owner-blocks. If they left and came back you wouldn’t have to give them helper status again.
    Another cool minor thing would be /muteall and /unmuteall.

    • kangxp says:

      Don’t mind if I point out some flaws for you.
      1. “Helpers” picked by the owner trolling the level, saving it, then leaving while the owner remains flabbergasted by his action.
      2. Owner messes up (helper did something awesome) *save* owner accidentally destroys something (helper makes art) *save* God trolling (accident) *save*
      3. I do agree with the /muteall and /unmuteall, though (excludes system)
      4. It might be problematic if I come back from afking and find out that all my spikes have been used by my helper while he was building a “minigame”.

  9. Hello Julian, I would like to nominate Gkabyssflorida. He is perhaps the nicest user you’ll ever meet on the game. In all 3 years that I’ve known him, I have never seen him do anything to anger anyone, or cause others to not have fun on the game.

    Also in regards to everyone already on the list – I’ve noticed several people complaining about your current choices and I would like to say that I agree with the decision that you made. I have met all of them, and although I don’t talk to some of them much, they all seem like really great people to be around.

    (The blog post says to put my ingame name here and I’m not really sure why, but it’s Master1)

    (Also thank you to whoever that was that nominated me. I don’t feel like I deserve the spot in any way, but it’s always nice to see people who really do enjoy having me around 🙂 )

    • julianridley says:

      Nvd and ultrabass did “steal” Everybody Edits, but they did also take it down again when asked.

      We will not hold that against them.


  10. enano2001 says:

    Hmm… this looks like a good idea. I always tell the owners to catch trolls and spammers. its very annoying. but, what if a guardian backstabs you? I mean, a 7 year old can easily become a guardan and… you know.


  11. I think it is a awesome idea if we have people who care and stop hackers and unhelpful client’s then people might start playing again and not only play again but have fun again I tried to help but no hackers listen any way so I was one of thos people who would seem afk but sit their and wait for a hacker or troller and then ask if I can bring a not on to keep the hackers away it is less likely to get a hacker or troller wen their is a not that is something I picked up in my days of helping but that’s over know that I have someone to do it for me. I would be happy yo keep helping if u ask me too. game name: jacobdas I was told to make that my name

  12. Will guardians have the same powers of a mod? (In exception of ban.)

    By the way, i see in the photo something that gives me curiosity, Are the guardians forced for his name to be changed to “Guardian” or it’s just an example of how they are?

    • julianridley says:

      No, Guardians will not have the same powers as moderators.

      They will be able to kick and ban people. This will never happen without an warning, unless someone is obviously trolling.

      Guardians will not be able to edit other players worlds, change settings in them or give edit right to other players in them.

      And Guardians will keep their names so you can tell them apart.


    • julianridley says:

      I agree that there is no good way for us to be 100% sure that the people we choose are the right ones. But I can assure you that they are very nice 🙂


  13. srly, i see guardians in the worlds and they no do nothing, they are childrens who have the power of guardians, they no do good they work of guardians, and so i think everybody edits have betters players to do guardian, this guys are the wrong select, change please, this not work, or just add more guardians, like master1 or thecoolguy taht guys are real players, the other 4 guardians are noobs, i play all days everybody edits, 4 or 5 years, and i see this 4 guys only a lot of times, they are not a regular players, they are a irregular players, now when they become a guardians they play more, so is only by this cause, so again, i think ee have much better players to do this hard work, so here the list of real players in ee, they are all good players, take me much hours to recolect,
    so goodbye, im minimisuario, i really like ee to see this noobs manage the players on the game.

  14. How can i be a guardian?
    I just want it too…
    I know thanel is my hero and i want to be like him
    How can i?
    I’ve read Mrshoe please…
    Can i be a guardian?I would be great
    I’ll promise i can help the world to do not troll… and I’ll promise i won’t troll too..

  15. Hey i need to be moderator or guardian i will make this
    (kick trollers)
    (add players to everybodyedits)
    (help people)
    if you can make me guardian or moderator replay to me please .

  16. I think it’s great i dea to be guardian in Everybodyedits
    if you made me guardian or moderator i will be the best
    of the moderators and guardians if you want me replay
    if you dont want me replay also and say to me i dont want you
    But what should i do
    to be guardian or moderator

    to add smilies
    add players
    add ads for the game
    add some worlds
    add some blocks
    add some backgrounds
    add some magic items
    add some coins

  17. Hello My name is obviously Dennis Drury… But in game I go by two names… My original account was darkwing… it was a first step into playing this amazing game later I became known as RCassociate after joining a Crew… while I was a part of this Crew (ouRCrew hence the name RCassociate…) I learned many things such as what it was to co-operate with other players to build massive pieces of art and more. I started out as a player whom when I was mad I trolled and when I trolled I was kicked… but I will admit those days were not some good ones… they ruined my reputation and after I joined the Crew many things changed… I decided to better myself and become what I am today… I had left EE for a few years as well… I lived life a while and decided to rejoin EE yet again… I noticed many things… there were trolls everywhere for one… two People had the mouths of sailors… and I did not realy like that either… I want to ask one thing how do I become a guardian because I want to make EE become The Thing again… as it was when I was young I loved EE… still do and I make booster tracks and more… So I think if I could I would want to protect this game I love so much and make it safe for these kids that play it…

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