Yay summer holidays!

We’re going on summer holidays (AGAIN), phew these last couple of weeks were hard work!


All kidding aside, we are actually going on summer holiday, but not for a year.
A lot of people have asked us if they could get the fanboy smiley, an obviously we can’t just give that away.
But! We’ve done a new fanboy smiley:


To get it, simply send us a postcard from your summer vacation, if it’s summer and you have vacation, otherwise just send us a postcard. Remember to write your username on the card, and we’ll reward you with the newest fanboy smiley.


We need postcards by august 4th, where submissions will be closed.
Send your postcard to:
Cape Copenhagen
Jorcks Passage, opgang A, 2. sal.
København K.


See you in the worlds!
MrShoe & MrVoid

4 thoughts on “Yay summer holidays!

  1. EveryEditLover says:

    Ooh! I always wanted this fanboy smiley! I’m going to try to send in a postcard because last time I sent fanart by email and I didn’t get the smiley. I was wondering since EE is alive and kicking if you could please remove chat features from my account, Happyeditor. I also wonder how long you plan your Summer Vacation will be this time?
    Biggest Fan, Happyeditor

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